Something's Living in My Cat's Tail

  1. I was searching thru my cat's tail tonight, b/c for some reason he always has ticks in his tail. While I was searching I found a hole with something white living in it. I cant tell if it's puss or larva. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? You can view them here, however *they might be graphic for some*
  2. Yikes. I hope some1 here has some info they can give to you!
  3. I wonder if it is a tick bite that got infected and has pus in it? Or maybe something bit him? Poor thing, it looks painful. You should try to clean it out with peroxide or alcohol and take him to the vet if it doesn't improve.
  4. Please take your cat to the vet asap...hope it's nothing too serious..keep us updated!
  5. I would have my dogs at the vet ASAP. Not only does the white thing look like Larva, but that hole is huge!
  6. FOR SURE vet ASAP! Let us know what happens!
  7. Looks like something laid an egg in there and it's a larvae now. Take kitty to the vet and have that thing extracted...
  8. It's either puss or maggots. Get the cat to the vet asap so you can find out for sure.

    Your cat must be an outdoor cat if it is prone to ticks. Outdoor cats fight all of the time, and abscesses (a pocket of infection) can happen easily. (I do believe the process goes as follows:smile: The infection can kill living tissue and cause it to rot. Fly eggs could be laid easily in such a large hole, and maggots appear a few days later to eat the dead, rotten tissue.

    Even if it is just puss, cut off the opportunity of maggot infestation (aka. eating your cat from the inside out) by taking your cat to the vet ASAP!
  9. Your kitty needs a visit to the vet,looks like pus either way it needs to be addressed one way or the other.
  10. Thanks for all the advice. My kitty is definately going to the vet. I tried pushing it to the surface and it didnt really move. So, I think it might be puss, but there's still a probability that it could be larva. This is really scary. I definately dont want anything eating away at his tail.
  11. Eeeeee... l hope it turns out okay. It does look like it hurts.

    Side note- did you meet Justin Timberlake??? Those photos were below the cat photos!
  12. Yikes! That kind of looks like a botfly bite to me? Very nasty looking, good call in taking him to the vet ASAP. Keep us updated!
  13. put a thick layer of vaseline on it, if it is a worm or larvae, it will need to come out for air and you can pull it out with tweezers.
  14. I agree, vet. However, I don't advocate using alcohol to clean it out, peroxide works better and won't sting. It WILL bubble a bit, foam like, but that's normal.

    And yes, if he's an outdoor cat, or if he's got a pal he plays with alot indoors, this will happen. Looks like it was a bite or wound that's gotten infected.
  15. :wtf: Hopefully a quick trip to the vet will fix him right up. Ick....