Something's gone TERRIBLY WRONG with my eBay Coach purchase!!!

  1. I asked about a Carly bag recently (authenticate this Coach section) and after much debate I went ahead and bought it at the 'buy it now' price. Paid through Paypal with my credit card.
    This morning I received this email from eBay...

    OH MY GOD...WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!????:confused1:
    I've been in touch with the seller (who eBay has de-registered!) and I've also filed a claim with Paypal and been in touch with my Credit card company to stop payment.
    At the moment I just have to sit back and wait but I am absolutely devastated - all the advice I received pointed to the bag being authentic.
    The thought of not getting this money back is making me feel literally sick.
    Has this every happened to anyone else?
  2. don't panic. file the dispute with paypal, don't go to your cc yet, if you do that, paypal will not help at all.

    this happens a lot, it will be okay

    paypal will give you your money back
  3. Talk about getting burned first time around!
    So do you think this seller wasn't selling authentic Coach merchandise or that not sending them at all?
    I looked at her feedback and everything looked okay.
    She also sent me a lovely email last night letting me know when she was sending the item etc...

  4. Wow, that is a first!! It has never happened to me but paypal provides some remedies. Do not feel that you are the first, maybe not with Coach items but most of us have bad experiences with ebay sellers. This is a lesson for us to learn. The other issue is, are we sure that it was because of lack thereof authenticity? BTW, those privacy concerns are to protect themselves, not the seller that they already kicked out.
    Wish you the best of luck!! Keep us posted.
  5. it may have NOTHING to do with selling fakes
    it is probably something very simple. I had this happen to me once when someone accused me of stealing their description (which was not true and I had it all taken care of).

    If you file with paypal and ebay they will take care of it, please don't worry, it is probably nothing. It could be something as simple as the seller didn't pay her ebay fees so they suspended her until the fees are paid
  6. i had bidded on a wallet but was out bidded and i still got an email like that. i never paid or anything so i know i have nothing to worry about. you on the other hand, do. file a paypal claim right away. if ebay pulled the listing then something must be up. i hope it all works out.
    It is the post with the pics of the large Carly.
    There was some concern over the gold button but I asked the seller about it and another member verified that she'd purchased at stores where the gold button is used to prevent returns.
    That's what I'd like to know (was it an authenticity problem that resulted in the member being deregistered) could there be another reason because that seems like pretty swift action on eBay's behalf considering the amount of auctions they just let run their course even after they've been reported.

  8. You're all making me feel so much better - thank you.
    I hope everything will turn out okay...:shrugs:

  9. honestly, everything will be just fine. contact the seller and see what she says, go ahead and file with paypal. she may have already shipped your bag, you may get it and love it. don't panic just yet! keep us posted, I will help you any way I can! this stuff really does happen a lot
  10. Like Court said this could have nothing to do with fakes and that's probably the case! Your Carly was more than likely real and there's some other reason for these shenanigans (sp?)! If you received a nice email from the seller just last night you might still get your bag, there's no telling, but either way even if you don't get your bag paypal will get you your money back. Sending :heart: your way, I know how bad this must suck for you!
  11. Ok, so this happened to my boyfriend once. He bought a car stereo on ebay and then after he'd paid, the seller was de-registered by ebay. The seller contacted him and told him he was sending his radio...and it showed up in a few days. I don't know what happened with the whole ebay thing, and the boyfriend really didn't care either as long as he got his radio.

    If the seller contacted you and is sending the bag, don't worry too much about it. But just kind of hang out for a lil' bit and see what happens, don't just go jumping to conclusions and start a paypal or ebay dispute....just see what happens
  12. Thank you.
    I've just sent the seller an email just stating how I'm feeling at the moment and that I would like to know what's going on.
    Obviously when I got the email from eBay I instantly thought 'fake Coach' OMG I've sent this woman money!!!!!

  13. yikes, i know how you feel! That actually happen to me before with a LV purse, but the thing was I already sent her the payment the day before and when I went to check up on the listing the next day, it was removed. I contacted the seller and she still sent me the item. I'm sure that it's authentic, but oddly enough it happens sometimes.
  14. Please let us know what happens. This situation is what scares me about ebay! I'm sure everything will work out though.
  15. Accounts get investigated, perhpas someone thought it was a counterfeit and reported it . . . I was watching an authentic Dior listing and it was removed, while all the reported counterfeits remained :cursing: