Somethings definitely in the air....

  1. It might just be me but there seems to be more than the usual amount of disagreements going on in alot of the threads today. Post traumatic stress? Acting out? Are we finally all on the same cycle and are PMSing at the same time?:lol:
    I find what Roo said in a previous thread very interesting about how there is a phenom this time of year where people just kind of lose it. I hope thats not happening to us cause I'm just as guilty as I have found myself getting easily offended....

    anyone else?
  2. I notice it phases in and out. . . Last time it was around Christmas I think, seemed like everyone was mad and hyper-sensitive to everything :sad:
  3. oh so your'e blaming Christmas now!? (just kidding!)

    I wonder what it is? planetary? magnetics? the last season of the sopranos?
  4. I read all those threads but stay away from commenting.So many members get too emotional IMHO.Having said that, it is a trying time for all Americans. We're all hurt. *hugs* everyone!!
  5. Just drink more wine...that should make everyone chill.
  6. word. I'm trying to do the same now. your'e the smartestmomever!:winkiss:
  7. or how does it go? the drunks are either telling you how much they love you or how much they hate you!
  8. Im all for ChocOLATE martinis..lmao...
  9. I always wonder why people would argue in forums like these. I have my own opinions but I never wish to argue with anyone. Sometimes people 'force' you into an argument or they try. I think it's hilarious. I just side step it usually. I don't come her for that. I don't really argue with people IRL...not my I definitely don't have time for that on a forum. I notice that a few people get offended by anything. Some will take anything you say personally. However, when I post here I'm just typing in general terms. I try to never get personal..still some take anything you say as a direct attack on them.

    For can say you hate veggie burgers and a vegetarian forum member will take it to mean that you hate her....LOL...when the truth is that you had no idea she was a vegetarian in the first place and certainly don't hate

    You can say that you prefer Chanel over LV and someone that loves LV will think it means you think their bag is's just funny to me at times.
    I don't take anything on this forum personally or get personal with anyone.... It's just a forum. Great forum but just a forum...
    I guess wherever you have humans you'll have disagreements...
  10. I'm afraid to open the club! might be a bar room brawl in there!
  11. ITA. but also I've noticed that there have been some unattractive mean spirited posts too. I don't mind when someone disagrees with me as long as they are respectful. but some responses, sheeeesh! I find myself losing my temper too over some of the outrageousness. I gotta learn not to reply to those kinds of posts. its hard.
  12. :yes:Oh, I definitely understand....LOL. It is hard to not respond
  13. maybe its post tax time stress....
  14. Mmmmmm...chocolate martinis...sounds good!!!

  15. I don't know. I guess I don't see disagreement as a threat as much as others do.

    This is the most argument-free, flame-free forum I've ever participated in, esp. with its size!

    It's inevitable, though, that as a forum grows and a wide range of ideas are expressed, there are going to be more noticeable disagreements.

    Newgrl, about the people being argumentative: I think it's all a matter of perspective. While communicating on a message board, it is impossible to sea a person's facial expressions and gestures, all things that contextualize a comment and help determine our response. Some people see certain statements as "combative" while others may not. The key is not to get all tripped up on what people say. We still have the real world.