Something you would NEVER do in front of your S.O.

  1. Hey all,

    I thought this would be kind of fun :smile: I was watching my SATC DVDs yesterday and thought I should post about this.

    What is the one thing you would never do, say, show, etc in front of your significant other?

    Mine: I sit in front of a mirror usually 2-3 times a week, pull the skin on my cheeks tight and analyze my pores to see if there are any hidden blackheads in there anywhere.

    But other than that, there's nothing :smile:

    ...Oh yeah, going #2 in front of B. I definitely can't do that!
  2. What is this??
  3. bathroom, shower, shave
  4. hm...poop, I guess. I'm not really easily embarassed.
  5. SATC = sex and the city...there's an episode about keeping the mystery in a relationship. :smile:

    i don't think i'd let hubby see the full extent of my mirror routine...i swear when he's not home i spend an hour or two standing in front of it, trying on clothes, looking at my pores, pinching fat, striking poses. etc. :smile:

    i also dance crazy to loud music when i'm cleaning at home by myself...he can't see that either. :smile:

    and toilet activies...although i sometimes forget to close the bathroom to bedroom door. :\
  6. This thread is hysterical!

    One thing I would not let him do is see how much time I spend on the PF! He would have me committed!
  7. Too many things to list...I do everything and anything while he is away. It is better that way.
  8. Spend lots of money!!! He is soooooo cheap!!
  9. Flirt shamelessly with another man.
  10. when he's gone, i sing really lound and dance like maniac. hahah i'm my own pop star! But, when he's here, i never dance (too shy to have ppl see me doing it) and i only "fake sing". lol

  11. Irishgal, you are hysterical.......
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: ! HILARIOUS! I thought I was the only one who did this!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: ! LOVE IT!

    I'm not embarassed to do ANYTHING in front of my DH. He's seen it all (whether he wanted to or not!). No shame in my game. I look at it this way, he's seen parts of me that I haven't even seen! If he can survive a C-section:shocked: , everything else should be a walk in the park!:yes:
  13. definitely number 2, though he always bugs me about why i close the bathroom door, but other than that nothing really we r both very comfortable around each other
  14. LOVE THIS! YOu are hysterical!!!!:lol:
  15. hehehehe..LOL.....

    sounds like me before I got married....I made sure I didn't marry a cheap B*&^%$