Something you may not have known about Hermes' 'jag'

  1. Not only is our very own jag a wonderful mod in here, but she's also my very own, personal, kickass Wonderwoman! Scammers fear her, she is here to defeat all Sources of Evil and bring those to justice that do harm to others! Wham!
    I don't know what I'd do without her. :love:


    P.S. No, I haven't lost my mind, I am just ecstatic to have her around. :heart: :biguns:
  2. LOL ~~ love the animations. YOU ROCK JAG !! :p
  3. I am very very happy to have Jag around too! she has "de-trolled" this site more than once!

    p.s....are those actual "photos" of Jag in action?;)
  4. wow! ok... great.... details?..... or not....

    either way- great! nice to know.
  5. P.S. This one goes way beyond Hermes and tPF in general. She's a life saver! I :love: jag!
  6. I love those graphics and all of you Moderators are wonderful, Thanks!!
  7. I have a suspicious mind, and she has "deadly" fingers!:p
  8. She's doing such an amazing service to me by helping me out "in real life", you all have no idea. :yahoo:
  9. yeah baby! Jag - you're a STAR!
  10. Of course, needless to say, I love all of our mods dearly. :rochard:

    This thread is just solely dedicated to jag's awesomeness. Because she deserves it.
  11. First, just Jag,... :queen: :biguns: :supacool: then in action... :sneaky: :ninja: :lecture: ,
    yup, we love her!:heart:
  12. Kudd's to Jag!
  13. Yeah!!!! Proud to "know" Super-Jag!!!
  14. She is quite something, isn't she? :yes:
  15. She's my semetic sistah and she's adorable in person too. :drinks: