something wrong with my black MC PTI :(

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  1. recently i just wont an eBay auction for a black mc PTI, and i just received it on the mail today. i was so excited, but when i open the package i smell plastic on the wallet. but it looks real, the color is right, just the smell kinda bother me. i don't have a black mc yet, i only own a white mc key pouch cles and carnet but both smells leather. i'm sooo worried :cry: could u ladies please check on this?
    btw, the seller is a member of mrps and mrs.troppo, so i think i shouldn't worried but the smells kinda bother me, and the wallet's weight less than i expected it to be.
    13210977_o.jpg 13210978_o.jpg 13210979_o.jpg 13210980_o.jpg 13210981_o.jpg 13210982_o.jpg
  2. Hello!

    Please repost this in the Authenticate This Louis Vuitton sticky thread at the top of this subforum :smile: It will help keep things more organized when it comes to authenticity questions.

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