Something wrong with Chanel Singapore... I am mad.

  1. Everybody, I am really confused n feel being cheated by chanel Singapore (Sorry.. all singaporean). It is a long story but I really need to share with you guys. I went singapore for holiday. 2days ago I walk pass chanel and spot a White Jumbo Caviar on the display. I was so excited but I was in rush so didn't manage to go inside. But I'm planned to go back the day after.

    The next day I went to chanel with my sis and ask for the White Jumbo Caviar, but too bad the SA told me it is gone and ask me to put on waiting list and will inform me once it comes which will be next month. I ask for the price she said $4430, I was shocked cause I know Jumbo caviar is $3860 in singapore n HK $17.900. Then I ask politely why the price is so much different from HK. She then said is it Black Jumbo Caviar? The black one is cheaper which is $3860, but white one is more expensive cause it is limited n discontinued but black one is classic. But Chanel may readjust the black one to be the same with white. I believe her n put my name on waiting list. Half and our later the SA called me and told me that actually they have one in stock but they are not allowed to sell until next month. She ask me to comeback to have a look. I back to chanel and the SA showed me the bag. The bag is gorgeous and I love it so much. She said they are not supposed to sell it until next month but If I really want I can take it but she warned me that this white bag is very risky and high maintenance, I have to be very cautious cause it is easily get dirty and be careful if I wear jeans as the color will transfer to the bag. I kind of having double thought. I said I think about it first and let her know later. She is very nice, helpful and said If I have any question I can call her.

    Last night when I log in to TPF and saw one of TPfer from Singapore just bought White Jumbo Caviar from the boutique the day before. I asked how much she bought it.
    I was shocked that she said she bought the bag for $3860. I called back chanel today and ask another SA about the price. She said the bag is not available now but will be coming next month. At first she told me it is $4830 (Another shocked), I said are you sure yesterday another SA name Seendly just told me $4430. Then she said she double check again and ask me to hold the phone. Then she said she has mistaken the price should be $4430. Then I told her, can't be because my fren just bought the bag 2 days ago n paid $3860. How come the price is different. She said the price is already being adjusted, then I said my fren just bought two days ago and yesterday I went to Chanel, the SA told me is $4430. How come the same bags on the same shipment can raise $600 in a day. She said that's mean your fren is lucky, she bought before the price adjustment. I am not buying their excuse at all. I don't think it makes any sense. At first, I suspected they give different price to different people for limited item. After I have a few thought, I remember the first SA told me that they are not supposed to sell it until next month. I suspect they keep the one left bag ( the one they showed me) until next month. Until the price increase is confirm they going to sell it for $4430. Crazy huh?? How can they do that? It is so unfair..I feel cheated, I actually can buy the bag for $3860, but I have to pay $600 more because of the greedy Chanel owner who wants to sell in higher price despite the bag they got is still in normal price. And I believe there will be 20% increase for chanel bags in singapore aswell from next month. Even now they have kept the best seller bag waiting for the big profit next month. :nogood: So all TPfer in singapore be prepared... :sweatdrop:

    PS: Sorry for the long story.. I just want to share especially to Singaporean TPFers.
    Thanks n Have a nice weekend.:smile:
  2. This is really weird.... I heard there are some really nice SA in Singapore, like Anthea and Simon.... maybe members in Singapore could check with them...
  3. that's silly of them to make such an obvious blunder. i went to the boutique a few weeks ago when purchasing my necklace and i told the SAs that there will be a 20% price increase on classics in nov, none of them knew anything and was shocked. i told them yes indeed it already took place in some countries and they said i even knew more than they did (obviously we all tpfers do). i think chanel singapore is TERRIBLY OVERPRICED. as much as i hate to admit, i would most probably not buy any bags from the local boutique... they are so overpriced that my heart bleeds, and the service isn't that fantastic to begin with.

    do you know that the SAs at chanel singapore would have to go through training to be 'educated' on the new bags?

    if you really want one, i suggest you give NM or Saks a call and they will send you the bag at a cheaper price. good luck with your search! (i think Saks has already increased the prices for chanels, i read somewhere that it took place on the last day of EGC)
  4. hey Im working for chanel malaysia..Well im afraid..the sa from singapore is correct. The prices has gone up (for malaysia now its only for the paris biarritz) for malaysia it will start on nov 1st(classic range). I have alot of customers who is upset about this matter, but im so sorry on her behalf..i know how it feels.But im not sure if they're just keeping it to make more money or whatsoever.We never do that :/. Sales are very important..even if we sell a cheap piece of earings..hehe..Hope you can relax your mind of this matter.If you're not happy you can also drop by here :smile: Id be gladly be at your service..but we dont have the white ones..
  5. PU3 : Thanks, you r so sweet but I've never been to Malaysia :shame:

    Actually I don't blame the SA at all, anyway they are just doing their job. Perhaps they just get an order from the Boss. The SA who served me is very nice and helpful aswell, but I reckoned the SA in singapore just nice to regular customer n customer who come in with expensive branded bag. I went there with coco cabas, they follow me everywhere n serve very nice. I saw some people came in with no branded bag, they service is so different. The SA just ignore them n pretend not seeing them unless they ask for service. But I am quite understand, sometimes serving people who are not intend to buy or doesn't look like going to buy is quite waste of time n tiring. I have a retail shop aswell so I am fully understand :graucho:.
  6. Oh Hi Pu3, it's nice to have another SA on the forum....
  7. Oh, you can look for my SA - Adlina; she is very nice and pretty knowledgeable,I must say :smile:
  8. I'm so sorry to hear that, it certainly sounds rather unprofessional on the part of the SAs in Chanel (SG) to not explain the price increase/difference in full to you. As a customer, such discrepencies in pricing is pretty appalling if there wasn't a proper explanation for it. That said, to ease some of the damage done, could you perhaps get the tax refund for the bag since I noticed that you mentioned that you were vacationing in Singapore? Also, I'd suggest sending a formal letter to the manager of the store just to state your displeasure over the matter (or ring them up and ask to speak to the manager).

    and I absolutely agree with you about the lack of service, the strange thing was, I went in there with my chanels (reissue & ultimate soft) on various occasions and was NEVER served. the one time I did get served was when I was carrying a mulberry. and the SA (Seendly) was actually pretty helpful when my mom went in there all casually dressed. overall, the service is by far the worst at the chanel store here, even hermes has much better service.

    and yup, the SAs are completely clueless, I asked them about several items and they gave me a blank look without so much as offering to search their system. in all honesty, I'd much rather just purchase chanels from the branch in hawaii or europe.
  9. Sorry to hijack but will Chanel in NM and Saks send overseas to Singapore or Australia? I thought they'd only send to US addresses. Please enlighten me
  10. Yes, as well as the Chanel boutiques in the US.

  11. Thanks IceEarl..i'll look to ordering from the US now then!
  12. NM, Saks, BG do ship internationally.....i don't buy locally even for my other designer stuffs....i prefer to buy it from them since they have more choices!!
  13. You're welcome helen :biggrin: well..ive informed this case to my other s.a and we've had this discussion and we're glad to you brought it up.Its a good lesson for all of us. Well I wouldn't say that we are perfect sa's here, but yeah, it is kindda normal to see double standard treatment going on. Sometimes things like these happen because some maybe our regulars and we tend to be extra nice to them, and we honor them as being faithful customers . However regardless anything you shouldnt be treated like that.So anyways, I'm kindda new here..and I love that you girls are all so updated with everything and I am jealous of all of you for having such great taste! hehe..till then..

  14. I'm so sorry to hear this. She was my SA but I have stopped buying from that boutique since last year except some smaller items like accessories. I agree about them being overpriced. I remember helping a friend to buy a reissue from Paris and it was about a grand cheaper.
  15. ^ acks!! i know! so much for missing out the reissue last fall in paris, i had to buy one here =( terribly overpriced.