Something White & Sparkly, and Something Black & Shiny. *PICS*!!!


Jun 1, 2007
missisa! you have broken your ban wayyy too much! LOL, your j12 is TDF i would break my ban for this watch! i am eyeing the j12 with diamond bezel but my mom refuses to buy it for me b/c being an avid watch collector, she just doesn't see the beauty of a ceramic watch esp when it's not a watchmaker's brand :sad:

congrats on the patent jumbo! it's SUCH A STEAL! i'm too happy with my navy one :graucho:
My mom is the same way. She is more of a watchmaker (Cartier, Rolex) type as well. IDK. I just love how the J12 stands out!!! I also was impressed by the fact that on the MOHS scale (measures hardness of materials), gold is a 2.5, steel is 5, high-tech ceramic is 9, and diamonds are 10!!! Can you imagine that? I don't worry about banging up the strap of my watch at all (well, within reason). lol. Good luck getting your J12 though! You never know, maybe she'll change her mind.

Thanks again guys for all your great comments. :shame:


aka Minal :)
Dec 7, 2006
The city that never sleeps!
Wow girl, you did amazingly well for being on a ban hehe! ;) :nuts: :love: I especially LOVE the black patent Jumbo (that "old" price from last fall is definitely the icing on the cake!!), and the J12 is very cool and will no doubt look fabulous on you!! :tup: :heart: Congrats and enjoy your new goodies!!! :yahoo:


May 29, 2006
Love love love both of your purchase, Congrats !!
J12 is a great great watch, you make a really right purchase !hihi:P
Love your black patent too.. :drool::drool: It looks so great on you !
Enjoy them !