Something White & Sparkly, and Something Black & Shiny. *PICS*!!!

  1. your j12 is stunning!! definitely an investment piece. :heart:
  2. OMG i love your new purchases, congrats!
  3. OOh love your purchases, The J12 looks fabulous and so does your Jumbo! Enjoy!
  4. Love the jumbo!
  5. Love it all!! :love::love::love:. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Love them both! Congrats!!
  7. missisa! you have broken your ban wayyy too much! LOL, your j12 is TDF i would break my ban for this watch! i am eyeing the j12 with diamond bezel but my mom refuses to buy it for me b/c being an avid watch collector, she just doesn't see the beauty of a ceramic watch esp when it's not a watchmaker's brand :sad:

    congrats on the patent jumbo! it's SUCH A STEAL! i'm too happy with my navy one :graucho:
  8. Both are gorgeous, great choices and a big Congrats!!!:drool::yahoo::tup:
  9. Congrats! Awesome pickups, loving both!
  10. Yea for you! Lovely, classic pieces--with just a little edge to them : )
  11. Wow Missisa, lovely choices congratulations!! love your jumbo!
  12. I love both! A white J12 is always an excellent choice, and a black patent flap, well, that's perfect too!
  13. I LOVE YOUR J12!!!!

    And the pictures of your j12 is great!!!!
  14. fantastic purchases! They go so well together, too!
  15. OMG sooo pretty! Congrats