Something White & Sparkly, and Something Black & Shiny. *PICS*!!!

  1. gorgeous watch!
  2. WOW missisa~! cOngrats on your 2 new additions~!!!
  3. Congrats on your new toys! Both are gorgeous.:love:
  4. How:confused1: did you get that jumbo patent for only $1970.00?:wtf: :bagslap:
  5. Hi. I ordered it through Chanel Ala Moana. Apparently Hawaii never updated their system with the price increase that happened earlier this summer (not the Nov 1st increase since that one didn't affect the patent classic flaps). So the price still showed as $1,970! They had none in stock, so they were able to purchase it through the Las Vegas Chanel for that price and I did a charge send.

    I'm not sure if you have to physically be here in Hawaii to go to the boutique to get that price. I don't know if you could call Chanel Ala Moana (808-942-5555) and do a charge send through them, since they have none in stock. My SA there is Judy Chin, her email is

    Hope that helps!

    Thanks again for your comments guys!
  6. love them both~~
  7. bonus~ what a good deal~
  8. I love your J12 and of course your new flap is TDF. Congrats

    You have amazing taste!!
  9. Lovely!!
  10. WOW oh WOW!!

    great items!!
  11. hey! you got your J12 already!:nuts: yay! :yahoo:i am so happy for you! i know you wanted it sooooo badly:yes:....and the patent jumbo is perfection!:love:
    you had a wonderful chanel year, my friend!:tup:
  12. I am sick with envy. In a good way, of course! Congrats! DH even said "her stuff rocks"!
  13. WOW!!! congratulations!! love both purchases!
    heheh a little OT but i think even the completely white chanel bag is pretty!
  14. Absolutely spectacular!! Love your J12!!!
  15. They are both gorgeous!!!! Congratulations.