Something White & Sparkly, and Something Black & Shiny. *PICS*!!!

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. & something black & shiny.
    My black patent jumbo that I got for $1,970 !!!
  3. oh my gosh, they're both STUNNING!!
  4. Wow, I am speechless, Congrats!
  5. ^Thank you! I'm all done with Christmas for myself. Now it's time to start buying for others! :sweatdrop:
  6. You have such great taste! Just gorgeous, I love your Jumbo and Watch! :girlsigh:

    Congrats, I love your collection!
  7. Gorgeous! Love the J12!
  8. Thanks again jadacee & pinkcaviar!!!

    I wish I could get the ULTRA ring too, but it's so darn expensive! It's almost to the point where I would rather just get another J12 in black with that money lol.
  9. Speechless is right lol!!! Good for you!!..They are lovely!!!
  10. :drool::drool:Stunning! Love them both!
  11. Thanks Emmy and Robbins65! Damn I just realized that the 0, 15, 30, 45 outside dial wasn't twisted to position when I took the pictures lol. Oh well.
  12. ^^
    LOL - I was too stunned by the beauty of the j12 that I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn'y said so!
  13. oh my my my!!!!!

    Gosh, you did FANTASTICALLY :biggrin:

    Such beautiful items. Did you happen to see how much the ring was btw. I have another 31 days to wait for my J12 lol, so I will live through yours until then :biggrin:

    Congrats, you are so lucky :smile:
  14. Thanks guys. You know, I don't remember exact prices. I know the rings I saw were at least 3k. I don't want to say prices because I can't really remember between the ones with/without diamonds, and the single vs/ double band...
    ^You can email her if you'd like, she's my SA at Chanel Fine Jewelry. Very nice.

    The price for the J12 in Hawaii is $4,800 while the mainland price is something like $5,250 (although some department stores may give you 10% off). I would have saved about $200 by doing the 10% off no tax from the mainland, but I kind of wanted to establish a relationship with Chanel Fine Jewelry SA and wanted to get it immediately. I also wanted to get the links taken off immediately for free.

    Anyhow, my point was (lol) that perhaps the Ultra rings are cheaper if you order through Hawaii as well?