something weird...

  1. i can't log into myebay.

    i can't log into my bank account.

    i can't log into paypal.

    i don't think anything is wrong becuase i just checked my bank balance and it's the same as this morning (i was good girl today!), but with everything going on with eBay, things like this really freak me out/worry me.

  2. Try Live Chat!
  3. Try asking Vlad!
  4. :wtf: I never intent to make you panic but last time I got similiar thing, all my acc hacked by hacker.
  5. Contact eBay, PayPal, and your bank - immediately. Better safe than sorry.
  6. Yes, contact your accounts right away!!! You never know who may have your info!!!
  7. Hope everything is ok and you haven't been hacked.
  8. Eek! I would do as the above posters suggest, that sounds shady to me.