Something was in my dog's head!

  1. Allright, so this will be a slightly random post... Last week when dropping off my little love Goldie at doggie day camp one of the women working there pointed out a little bump at the top of her skull, near her right ear. She thought it seemed right around the right size for a bb or a pellet. Goldie was recently adopted, and we have no prior knowledge of her life. We took her to see the vet today, he first seemed to think it was a pellet. X-rays proved otherwise, and he suggested removing it since he couldn't understand what it was. The knob has since been removed, they found two. They were both not attached to the skull, rather under a layer of skin. Neither the nurse or the vet knew what it was, so it is being biopsied. I am curious if anyone else has any knowledge of this. I saw the two little bumps. They were white, and the nurse said squishy. Only slightly attached to the surronding area. Anyone know anything? Any vets or vet techs out there? Sorry this is so long!
  2. I have no vet expertise, but over the years with my dogs, lumps have been removed many times. The vet always said it's better when the lumps aren't connected very much, so I'm thinking the outcome could be good for your dog. Best wishes! Update us when the biopsy comes back, please.
  3. Could they be some type of cyst?
  4. let us know the results
  5. I'm not sure what that is but I wish the best to you and your baby!

    Congrats on getting a rescue made a GREAT choice and saved a life:smile:
  6. I have always had lots of dogs and cats and have had sooooo many unusual things removed from their furry bodies. I haven't had anything exactly like what you have described, but it sounds like you are in good hands with your vet. He did the best thing by sending the tissue out for a biopsy.

    Fingers and paws are crossed for you. Please let us know. And lots of love to your baby!
  7. When my golden retriever mix was getting older... she was getting a lot of weird bump like growths on her head.. she had one right in the corner of her eye, and one on the top of her head. We had both removed.. they were benign.

    How old is Goldie?
  8. Thanks for the support everyone ! :smile: Luna, she is right around two years old so I don't think it is her age. But I talked to a friend of mine who has had lots (I mean lots!) of animals, and her dog sometimes gets bumps on her stomach which disapeer after around two months. She had them checked out, for her dog it was a reaction to a yeast infection and were fatty lumps. They disapeered and were reabsorbed back into the body as they were located on the stomach. She suggested with Goldie it might also just be a little fat deposit but can't get reabsored as they are located on the head. Luna, what are the lumps for your dog?
  9. Hello All, *let's try this again*
    I came across this post searching online to see if my puppy has a cyst :sad: My Molly Belle is a 7 month old Golden Retriever and just a few days ago I had noticed on the top of her head it was getting pretty big. Near where the topknot is, (the bump that appears to be at the base of their skull), looked as if it is growing. Not like normal though. Have experience in knowing what is normal, Molly's mentor Duster is a 3 year old Golden who recently had a cyst removed on his back, I began to worry. She likes to lay under the coffee table and bonks her head from time to time when she wants to go play with the other dogs. It feels squishy like she has fluid there. Well, tomorrow she goes to the vet and I hope all is well......
    Much like your dog, the bump on Molly worried me too
  10. Fire-eyed, did the biopsy results come back on your dog's bump? Still wondering.

    bjcox--hope your dog is ok and it's just a cyst or something innocent.
  11. Bjcox I hope your little Molly Belle is all right. Let us know how it goes. Oh course I haven't heard from my vet yet... I called yesterday and the nurse said that she wasn't allowed to disclose that information, the vet was the only one allowed to. It has been almost two weeks, and he still hasn't called. Uhhh! :cursing: It seems like that have taken our number 20 times!

  12. Oops! Didn't see this!

    The lumps on my dog were just benign growths... it happens with certain breeds I think the Dr. said.