Something unexpected this way came...

  1. I visited a fairly large Hermes Boutique over Easter. I guess it could be Alaska, or more likely in the the "lower 48 contiguous"! At any rate, I was hoping for something unexpected and this is what I found!

    Its a blue jean swift " mini Kelly clutch". I think it looks like a JPG but, this is what they called it. Its fun and fairly frivolous and I'm very happy with my find!
    DSCF1004.JPG NYC April 2--8.JPG
  2. WOW!! What a beauty! So happy for you...congratulations, sellmysoul...I think I would sell MY soul for that Kelly clutch!
  3. Oh, it's beautiful!! I love the horn scarf ring, too!
  4. I fogot to mention the sweet little horn scarf ring cozied up to my new Kelly! Can't wait to try it out!

    In addition, to feed my addiction inspired by the "rainbow of colors in your bag" thread.. I fell in love with turqoise. Specifically, a Vision agenda, which to me is actually a wallet. I have mostly ignored agendas because I use a PDA. But who couldnt use a lovely pad of plain Hermes paper tucked handily in their wallet? Once again I learned something of importance from a helpful SA! The little dears.....!
    DSCF1005.JPG DSCF1006.JPG NYC April 2--7.JPG
  5. Oh gosh I love this!!! Similar to gina_b's...can I ask the price? I didn't want to know the lizard one lol but this might be a bit better - and in swift!!!
  6. What a terrrific unexpected surprise . . . Can't wait to see an action photo
  7. I was so excited over the clutch that I didn't even see the scarf ring! Congrats on everything!
  8. Thanks for the kind words!
    Shoes; in swift, my bag was $3200. Again, it was identified on the receipt as a "Kelly 2 Mini Clutch". Is this different from a JPG?? I don't know. I'll be happy to measure for you if you like. They had also in the same bag, vert anis and I think vermillion.
  9. Beautiful.. I love it all!!
  10. Hope no one minds if I answer for them:smile:

    Before the price increase, these were running about $3300 for regular leathers, $5050 for lizard and $9000+ for croc.

    Adorable little things........
  11. Congratulations! It's lovely!
  12. Thank you style! I love this!! Oh more bags for me....oh ya! Well I'll enjoy drooling over this one!!
  13. LOVE it! BTw, that looks like the JPG clutch, to me. Kelly 2 might be the formal name. GORGEEEEEEEE!
  14. sellmysoul, that beautiful clutch looks like a JPG.....the handle attachment is the same, the shape, but....whatever it is it is very very lovely along with your new horn scarf ring!

    And you also adopted a vision agenda wallet? Are you smart, or what? I would have never thought of combining an agenda with a wallet. Besides that, I love "Hermes things with zippers"

    I think you've won me over!! Congratulations on some beautiful new Hermes!
  15. I LOVE THAT!!! and the horn scarf ring is hot, too. I LOVE those little kellys. Dare I say, that it is a baragain in swift??? Love the color. Congratulations!!!!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :heart: