Something unbelievable

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  1. Hello...I received an email today by a person. The story he told was unbelievable,and I always believe things that sound unbelievable ARE unbelievable.

    I quote from them "We are the manual workshop that can make Hermes handbags designed by retired craftsman(Birkin/Kelly/JPG etc). We import the leathers from Europe and manufacture here. These bags come with the Hermes dustbags, the orange box, ribbon, Hermes Receipt and rain protection. I offer single order as well as wholesale. If you like, i can provide dropship sale service as well."

    He added a i went to check it out. I believe these are fakes...anyone?
  2. Hi there....I believe your enquiry would be of better use in the 'Authentication' Thread under Hermes Shopping.
  3. Duplicate thread, and should be posted in the Authenticate This Hermes thread.. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.