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  1. Hello...I received an email today by a person. The story he told was unbelievable,and I always believe things that sound unbelievable ARE unbelievable.

    I quote from them "We are the manual workshop that can make Hermes handbags designed by retired craftsman(Birkin/Kelly/JPG etc). We import the leathers from Europe and manufacture here. These bags come with the Hermes dustbags, the orange box, ribbon, Hermes Receipt and rain protection. I offer single order as well as wholesale. If you like, i can provide dropship sale service as well."

    He added a i went to check it out. I believe these are fakes...anyone?
  2. Typed wrongly someone please remove this thread? Thanks very much
  3. Well, an authentic Hermes bag would be made by...........Hermes.
  4. Yeah...I agree with that.
  5. fake
  6. I can't imagine a retired Hermes craftsman making something that looks like THAT:yucky:
  7. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is! And these don't even look good.
  8. Who ever is running that site has ripped one of the tPF girl's images :wtf: Scroll down in the left sidebar of the 'hermes leather' thing.
  9. This is the exact reason that I can't make myself purchase a bag from a reseller....too much money...when there are people who can manufacture even the bags they come in!!
  10. ew..that's early :throwup: in the morning!
  11. Birkin.jpg

  12. OMG Neeya. I see what you mean. I think I recognize one of the pics. Someone should contact the site....

  13. Neeya - I think PBC posted it on HIA! Bad people stole her picture :yucky:
  14. This is too funny! Fine, a retired H craftsman might decide to make a bag that looks like an original...but why the H boxes and the receipts then? Did the CEO of H also retire and come to work for this guy?
  15. In the future, please post all questions regarding authenticity in the Authenticate This Hermes thread. Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.