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  1. I recently purchased a Tulieries on Vestiaire Collective and it's on it's way to me (should be getting here Wednesday I hope) but still I've been scoping all the second hand websites.

    So when I saw another Tulieries for sale on Yoogi's Closet, I was curious and clicked on it. As I looked at all of their pictures, I saw that the inside label only states Louis Vuitton Paris, lacking the "Made in XX" that is on the bag I purchased.

    I don't have the bag yet, and I intended to get it authenticated with my own pictures here and maybe even secondhand through a service, but is this a cause for concern?

    Here are the two links to check it out:
  2. I'm not a professional authenticator but I don't see any cause for concern. The Yoogi's bag was made in the USA which is why it doesn't have the "made in" designation on the label. It's on a separate tag inside. Bags made in other countries (e.g., Spain) have the "made in" designation on the label.