Something to kick start the Friday! TGIF!

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  1. Before I go about sharing my first pair of louboutins, I would just like to share the unpleasant trip to the store at NAC....

    The first time I went to the store and looked through in minds of picking up my first louboutin, I was given a size 37 and a size 38 Bianca to try on cause the Bianca was what caught my mind.
    Size 37 was a little tight in the front of me and my toes looks awfully squashed at the front and size 38 was really loose.
    Having kept in mind that Biancas do stretch after several times of wear, I wanted the salesgirl to bring me a size 37.5 but they dont have it at that point of time.
    So I left my name and told them to keep one in my size if they do come in.

    And thats when the horror starts, I was about to step out of the store feeling rather unhappy with no purchases and imagine the horror of having to turn my head back to probe for another question and to see the same salesgirl who assisted me to make funny faces at me!!

    How can a service line staff do such a thing to their customer, not to mention how louboutin was a high end shoe store???!

    I immediately lodged a complaint against her but was told by the person in charge that she was just trying to explain why she didnt managed to clinch the deal to her supervisor who happened to be standing besie her at that point of time.
    I half heartedly believed his story but this salesgirl really left a very very bad experience for me....
  2. Considering that NAC store was the only louboutin store we have in Singapore, I stopped by the same shop again and had another lady who served me and she was just bubbly and really helpful that without any hesitation I ordered a pair of shoe from her and having to wait from July till now, I guess, it's really worth the wait...

    I received a call from their store one fine day while working and I told myself, this was it!
    I'm gna pick up MY pair of shoe from louboutins and feel like cinderella trying on her glass slippers and was REALLY REALLY determined that my experience and whole opinions about the store was going to change,

    but imagine how I felt when I walked into the store and saw that salesgirl who made funny faces at me being the only sales staff available at that point of time?.........
  3. wow thats an awful experience esp since it's suppose to be fun and exciting!!! I'm glad you got your first pair and are extremely happy with it!!! Plus that girl didn't get her commission haha :smile:
  4. and a little to my shoe decision...
    I have been debating for the longest time ever between the Bianca and the Pigalle because I've seen some really nice modelling shots of both before and was pretty determined and had my mind fixed that my first pair would be the bianca...

    But I went down with the BFF who gave very good advise that I should get a pair that I would most probably wear very very often as a first pair and decide on the bianca later.
    And since I am almost everyday in flats, I set my mind on this...


    Like i previously mention, the unhelpful staff was probably the only staff available at that point of time so I got her to get me my shoes.
    She went in and came out after a very very long time and after showing me my shoes and upon wrapping my shoes up, she grouchily asked, "do you need tax refund?"

    I was with my sister that day and after telling her no, I doubled confirmed by asking her "only tourists are allowed to get refunds, am I right?" Honestly, I was pretty puzzled by her question but I blurred my mouth a little too quick I guess.
    cause guess she did?

    She snapped at me with her really bad attitude face and replied "Yah, and I'm just asking, RIGHT?" raising her tone a little.


    She just made this whole experience a really really really bad one and it has been bothering me ever since I came home with my shoes.
    OH GOD.

    thank you ladies for hearing me rant.
    reveal coming right up!!!:cool::cool:
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    Last edited: Oct 11, 2012
    Morning ladies!
    Just probably thought I should do the reveal before I head to work since it'll be night time when I finishes a hectic day at work.
    TPF has been failing on me ever since I tried uploading pictures yesterday!

  6. here we go ladies!
    my very first pair of louboutins!
    am always a flats girl and has fully worn my chanel flats out so I guess this should be enough for me for the time being!
    am still thinking about the Biancas though and am already planning for my 2nd pair but maybe thinking of getting them online instead... :cool::cool:

    Letting her out of the bag!
  7. #7 Oct 11, 2012
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    Late for work so I got to run!





    Had soles done on them cause I dont think I can take it when I see the louboutin scratched. LOL.
    I love her to bits!!

    and the oh so famous red sole!

    Thanks for letting me share!​
  8. those are gorgeous!! mod pics please? :smile:
  9. Congrats on your first pair! They are lovely and you will get a lot of use with them!!
  10. Sorry to hear about your bad experiences at the CL boutique.
    I'm surprised they can stay in business if that's the way they treat their customers.

    Congrats on the Spiked Pigalles!!!
    They're gorgeous!!!
    I'd love to see some modeling pictures...
  11. I am in love with your CL's. Very jealous - they are the ultimate flats :smile:
  12. congrats on your first pair! Those are great
  13. Super-cute!!
  14. Just some heads up Cause its dark when i finish work....


    They hurt so badly but i love them too much i spammed so many plasters but am still wearing them!

    Many mods shots by this weekend!
    Wearing her out to catch a match this sunday!
  15. So cute. I love them