Something to hold cc and receipts in??

  1. I have a ton (20+) of extra cc's, gc, membership cards and receipts that I'd like to store in something pretty and practical to get in and out of quickly. I'd like something somewhat girly-- like from the azur or multicolore ligne. Any ideas? I've been running searches like crazy, but today it seems to be disabled. Also, I'd love to see any action pics if you have any. Thanks!
  2. I love the zippy wallet, it holds a TON!
  3. i'm gonna say mc wapity!
  4. Multicolor Poch GM.....
  5. Cles :smile: the azur will stretch like the mono and will hold that many cards.
    Otherwise you might think about the

    [​IMG][​IMG]Louis Vuitton
    Monogram Multicolore Porte-Monnaie Plat

    [​IMG][​IMG]Louis Vuitton
    Monogram Multicolore Wapity Case

    [​IMG][​IMG]Louis Vuitton
    Monogram Multicolore Pochette MM
  6. mc porte monnaie plat! or the cozy purse!
  7. The Mahina Amelia wallet holds 18 cards.