Something to consider

  1. This post isn't necessarily devoted to just an eBay transaction IMO it should apply to every type of transaction that you have with another person with regards to your handbag.

    I purchased a lovely Handbag on eBay that I have been searching for quite sometime. Mind you it is not an inexpensive handbag and rather pricey for its age. After receiving the handbag I unpack it and give her a once over. The attached photo should explain the rest:yucky:
    (the red spots are from the Crystal Light that spilled on my desk which I used this rag to wipe up)

    We aren't talking Suede here or Exotic leathers- just a ordinary leather bag that could have used a simple leather cleaner and a once over prior to selling it for a good sum.

    Just something to consider:flowers:
    Dirty Rag (3).jpg
  2. Good grief, why are some people so lazy?
    Are you going to be able to make your find usable?
  3. EW! So sorry that happened to you, amamxr. Is any of that schmutz possibly shoe polish?!! Eeek.
  4. Actually- the handbag was a diamond in the ruff- she was just waiting for someone to show her a little TLC. Looks good as new.

    Cyn: the thought did cross my mind about the shoe polish but it was just plain ole dirt.
  5. Thank goodness it wasn't shoe polish, at least, since it can ruin a bag!
    One thing I would like to say--even though I DO agree this is gross--is that some sellers are hesitant to touch a vintage bag for fear of messing up the patina. If this bag is what I assume it is, based on knowing you, that might have been why they didn't bother to clean it up at all.

    But it's still yucky and I would be ashamed to sell something dirty like that!
  6. It happened to me before, I bought a bag for my mother, she specifically wanted that model and color I've been hunting for a year, finally I found a seller who sold it as "new without tag". When the item arrived, thought I'd clean it before giving it away to my mom who is a clean-freak. To my horror I found itty bits of dirt, what appeared to be chipped fingernails, hair and basically scum at the bottom of the interior sections' seams. Up until then I have never puked so much in my life!

    Unfortunately I already gave seller good fb. I wrote to her anyway and told her of the problem. She was nice enough to issue me a full refund and added that I should just discard the bag. Apparently she had it dry-cleaned and was going to use my pictures as evidence to get her refund from the cleaners.

    That's it, 1 experience is going to stop me from buying items new without tag!
  7. That's horrifying! I wonder if she really did send it to the dry cleaners. How does all that scum get in there?