Something to cheer me up...Sweet Monogram Earrings!

  1. Spent the day with my tPF friends Nakolulu and Kuuipo627 and we were having a blast at LV today...I wanted to buy something small, since I'm sorta on a temp ban til I get a new job, so these caught my eye and came home with me :smile: I :heart: them!
  2. i saw those at the party the other night and i like looks great on you :yes: congrats!
  3. I saw these the other day, too. Very cute! Congrats! : )
  4. they are so pretty! congrats!
  5. They're beautiful!
    Are they sterling silver or costume?
    Also, you have long hair like me.......don't the open backs of the hoops get stuck in your hair?
  6. Those are very cute! Great picture!
  7. I didn't have that problem today, or if I did, I didn't notice. Although I think it's best to show these off with your hair up :smile:
  8. Congrats, those look really nice on you!
  9. So Pretty, you and the earrings!
  10. Lovely earrings, and you are very pretty!
  11. aww thanks guys :heart: it may not be a bag, but i'm happy :smile:
  12. Those look fabulous on you!! Congrats!
  13. You look very pretty in those earrings, congrats!
  14. you are so pretty! and those earrings look great on you :smile:
  15. very pretty on you! Congrats!