Something to add to your collection

  1. I'm hoping y'all haven't seen this pic before. I checked and couldn't see one quite this fabulous. I think I might have to stop the owner and ask how much he wants for it...pause...not :p

    Pic courtesy of my friend, Nathan who is a purse hater :smile:
    Fab LV Car.jpg
  2. You all probably have seen the Cribs shows where the rappers have their seats covered in LV monogram. More authentic than this "ride" ...

  3. ick.
  4. I've never seen it, Thanks for posting's hysterical!
  5. I'll take two!
  6. much? :drool: lol
  7. Eeek. I love how perfect the LV's and fleurs are... :p
  8. :yucky:
  9. Could someone please get me a can of spray paint? Any color will do!:lol:
  10. call 866-[SIZE=-1]Xzibit for SO:supacool:
  11. i've got two... the other one is for my Damier days :yes:
  12. Made me laugh the first time I saw it (an old thread) and it's making me laugh again. Thanks!
  13. Awful! :crybaby: :crybaby: Another reason to not purchase more mono.
  14. ugg i just threw up:yucky:
  15. oh my....