Something Teeny Tiny...

  1. I bought this little cutie from a trusted reseller who called it a Vespa but I thought a Vespa was something else... any ideas? This little girl is itty bitty - fits in my palm...
    Vespa1wtmk.jpg Vespa2wtmk.jpg Vespa3wtmk.jpg
  2. How sweet....and lovely. Yes, it's a you have a Birkin? Try tying it to the front.....say from one of the handles. Let it's a pretty little accessory for your bags.

    Congratulations! What a great color!
  3. Love it but it looks nothing like my vespa, mine has the chaine dancre going thru it as a closing strap maybe im wrong .... shopmom ,hg anyone have any ideas...:confused1:
  4. They're both called Vespas. This one is a Vespa pouch. Cute li'l thing, aint it? Ninja Sue needs one. Probably the only thing smaller than her on this subforum.

    Hehe, you know I love you Sue!!!:flowers:
  5. Learned a little something on this thread!
  6. Aww, Ms Twilly, that's too cute! Love the vert anis colour too. Congrats!
  7. oh, i have seen it in orange and green,so cute but so darn expensive! 600+?
  8. That's adorable....I do have a Vespa but it's the one with the chain that I use at work to carry all my work-type things.....measuring tape, pens, walkie-talkie...that kinda stuff. Ms. Twilly, your's is really lovely!!!!
  9. This would be great to hold car keys!
  10. i remember when you got it not so long ago. you were kind of "awe shucks" about carrying it. and didn't a friendly baker or some such and your local bread shop recognize it for what it was? look at you now!
  11. It's Totally Cute!
  12. I LOVE IT!!!:nuts: Congratulaions!!!:nuts:
  13. that's too cute ms. twilly!
  14. It's darling - love the color too.
  15. Thanks everyone!! I thought it would be very sweet for a spring outfit when just keys, cell and cash or CC are called for - heck, maybe I can even get a lipstick in there! Perhaps soon it will adorn a Birkin :yes:
    Regarding the cost - I'm happy to report that I paid considerably less than $600! Yay!