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  1. So 2 days ago I went to the store to get my large darley and in the midst of rushing to another appointment I accidentally left my LV key holder in 1 of the handbags which I tried and so today I went down to the store again to pick up my key while browsing the store again.. and looka what I got! And it is 30% Mark down I simply had to say yes!
    2 Mulberry in less than a week. That's it, my bag budget is close till further notice
    Enjoy my pictures dears
    Hardware are rosegold
    20180611_213711.jpg 20180611_213759.jpg 20180611_214146.jpg L Darley & S Amberley Satchel ~ I love them so much
  2. Gorgeous bags!! Enjoy!
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  3. Lovely - enjoy them both!
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  4. Beautiful bag!! Congrats! :smile:
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  5. They are both gorgeous! Congrats!
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  6. Very pretty bags. Congrats.
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  7. Such a lovely bag! I've been eyeing this one. Enjoy!
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  8. so neat color... lovely
  9. Such a lovely colour.