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  1. my my my... one of my best friends dose photo retouching for a living..and he has done some Celeb retouch.. so as you can see, nothing is what it appers to be...

    I don't mean to pick on Ms. Ford & amerie, but if you see the retouch photos what they send out..their completly diffrent...
    ford.jpg amerie.jpg
  2. This is amazing... I can't believe they cut off extra flab and give the model more boobs! lol
  3. wow :lol:
  4. ever seen Pam Anderson without no touch up? Now SHE looks different!
  5. Wow - they really make the model's skin glow!
  6. Ha, well, I guess this means that there's no real motivation to go to the gym anyways, someone can always just fix my photos !
  7. Aah! The wonders of Photoshop. Another shining example why we can't believe everything we see.

    This could be a good source for a low self-esteem and high body conscious teen who is dreaming of someday having a body like that of a specific celebrity. You have the proof to show that so-and-so has sagging breasts and cellulite. So love the body you are in because no one is perfect...useless you have Photoshop.
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