Something Super-Funktastic Going On

  1. Well, had an auction end with BIN a couple hours before it ended. Winning bidder had 200+ positive feedback with no negs and about 7 years with the account, so I didn't worry when I didn't hear anything from them for a few days (I think the auction ended Dec 23). Anyway, I checked back in yesterday since I still hadn't heard anything, and this user has 17 brand new negs in the past day, from about 10 different sellers, all saying the account is fraudulent, NPB, etc. Anyway, I basically think I am not going to get paid for my auction so I'd like to get my FVF refunded, relist, and move on with my life. eBay basically says I need to wait a week before filing the NPB, so I resign myself to that.

    Today, I check back in with this person, and the user account name has changed (to 4ryangosling) and the old negs are gone. There are a bunch of new positives, along with 10 new negs that weren't there before.

    What the heck is going on here??? I am mystified. I have pretty much decided to give my mom the purse I was trying to sell rather than relist and deal with this crap again. :confused1:
  2. Maybe the buyers account was hacked and unauthorized purchases going on? Maybe call eBay? They cant give you info about anothr account but maybe they should be made aware? Try calling the buyer with the contact info you can get from eBay?
  3. Yeah, I have already informed ebay of what is going on. At this point, I have just decided I don't want to deal with it anymore. I have given the purse to my mother (with the stipulation that she not use it for the next week, in case payment does miraculously come through). It is just so weird that there are so many transactions going on with this buyer, and some of them are negs and others seem to be going through. I hope at this point they don't pay so I don't have to send them the lovely purse!
  4. How would I go about getting the buyer's contact info from ebay? All I can see is to send them a message through ebay, which seems pointless since it looks like the acct is hijacked. I already sent them an invoice days ago which hasn't been responded to.