Something strange on ebay

  1. I found one MPRS My Poupette seller listing all his/her bags for under $200, both BIN and starting bids are the same.

    Could it be a typo?
  2. hmm I noticed this too but i don't think it is a genuine MPRS I think they are using the logo to sell bags, look at the mc pochette it is an obvious fake to event he most novice of lv collectors. Somebody needs to report then to My POUPETTE:rant:
  3. Which seller is this ?

    And some of the MPRS sellers list their buy it now and starting bid prices at nearly the same price, all the time.
  4. what seller?? Or a link.
  5. just checked the recomended sellers list on the website and they are not a MPRS what a nasty piece of work
  6. I would report them to My Poupette! What a :censor: !
  7. i've notified trendymom about this.
  8. I thought that seemed a little strange when I saw it earlier today!! I reported this person to ebay too!! :mad:
  9. I am glad I aksed.
  10. :shocked: Wow-- I didn't know someone could do that
  11. The seller even has a link to Trendy Mom's consignment form on some of the auctions! What an idiot. Glad ya'll have reported it!