Something strange and unexpected happened last night

  1. We were waiting for some friends to arrive at a restaurant for dinner last night and whilst waiting, I told my DH (he is not a PHH but a HFH > Hermes Fearing Husband :sweatdrop: ) how happy Amanda must be, having just received 2 of her favourite colours in the 30cm Birkin. (Congratulations, Amanda!) There was nothing more to this when we sighted our friends arriving. This is a group of friends who are Hermes fearing too, so no Hermes talk and certainly no toting a H bag in front of them.

    After dinner, we went to watch Dreamgirls (Oooo, I love it). As we were seated in the dark waiting for the movie to begin, DH asked what colours are Amanda's bags (rouge garance & orange) and I said red and orange. For someone who does not recognise H bags, he asked if her red birkin is the same as my red birkin. My head was cloudy and I thought, I don't have a red birkin (although I have a RG shoulder bikrin) then I realised that my DH really doesn't know a thing about the various styles of H bags. I mean, I have been using my various 30cm birkins in front of him and he does not recognise that these are the classic birkins! It was not a conversation that could continue because the show was about to begin. He said the strangest thing to me >> "Can you seat me down in front of the computer to show me all the pictures one day? You've been talking about your bags and I have no idea what you're talking about" I was like :nuts: (is there hope afterall?) I was too excited when I heard him say this and I quickly said "does that mean you're going to get me one?" He just said "Da, the movie has started". :sweatdrop:
  2. ^^Sounds like a small glimmer of hope to me!!!:p
  3. woohoo!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. awwww!! :smile:
  5. That is so cute! I love it when the DHs say something unexpected re: the H bags. Are there any special holidays coming up where DH could possibly gift you with one? :graucho:
  6. woohooo! that sounds PROMISING! lol
  7. oh fun conversation. well, either way it sounds like you might have a nice time sharing your obsession with your dh soon. that's priceless.
  8. Oooh, that does sound promising! Go slooooowly for him! :yes:
  9. However small this is, it certainly feels like a good start. I don't know where this is going to take me or us, but this little interest is better than nothing.

    Just the other day when we were in the car, and I'd my choc box birkin seated on my lap, he glanced over, and gently gave the leather a stroke but comically pretended to swallow a lump in this throat (cartoon). I told him this bag would still be around for his grand daughter and he looked at me in disbelief. He said "I pity our daughter's future husband if our daughter is sucked into Hermes like her mum (i.e. me)". :sweatdrop:

    orchids, my DH says conflicting things all the time, so it's hard to decipher what he's really thinking. Well, my birthay's in the middle of the year. I am not sure he is Hermes-empowered, KWIM?
  10. Give him a list and the number to your SA mrss!!! Honestly -- lol - I'm surprised you stayed for the movie!!! J/k...that is wonderful...I only recently have 2 of my 3 kiddos and dh able to pronounce Lous Vuitton lol!! Although dh does know the orange boxes hold expensive items...
  11. THAT'S Romantic with a capital R!!! :love:

    If only my PHH even said that to me, those words would be more than enough to keep me happy for a while! :p
  12. shoes, some friends thought the movie was too light, but I was engrossed from start till end. Fantastic show of songs and vocal power at work. It was the lyrics of the songs that kept me captivated. No thinking Hermes for that 2 hours. Chick flick. :lol:

    Too blatant about list & phone number. He will be put off by it, I'm afraid.
  13. That's so sweet!!! Sounds like something good is brewing...
  14. That is so sweet MrsS!!!
    Its definitely a start. I love that he wants to see pics. :heart:

    HFH, thats a good one:yes: , I would say mine is definitely that, too!
    (But when I take my bolide out, I ask him, "do you want to sniff the rouge H" And he humors me and does it. He did say it has "new purse smell," LOL!!!)
  15. How wonderful MrsS!!
    Progress is wonderful no matter how small.