Something special

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  1. First my SA ordered it for me, because I just wanted to see it in person. I didn't think, I would really fall in love and buy it. I thouhgt it would not be practical and wouldn't hold enough for my needs, although it really looks cute. Well... what can I tell you…. I saw it, tried what fits inside….. and could not leave the store without it :smile:! Let me introduce my new "Boite Chapeau Souple". I hope you like the pictures! Thanks for letting me share. BCS1.jpg
    BCS2.jpg The details are so pretty - the luggage tag with golden LV letters, the flat pouch on the back side, the shiny lock...
  2. For those of you who are interested, what fits inside this not so littly beauty, I took a picture.
    Mini Pochette, Zippy Coin Purse, shopping bag, thin card holder, EOS Lip Balm, brush, tissues, sun glasses.
    My phone also fits inside and there is some free space left. Things can be put in and out easily. Hope that helps!

  3. This is a beautifully detailed bag, Isis23!
    Thank you for posting a pic of what’s in your bag. It’s very helpful.
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  4. I'm glad it is helpful. I couldn't find any info here before I got it, because this bag is so new.
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  5. Your bag is amazing!! Thanks again for showing what fits inside!
  6. Arghhh......your bag is cute! Thanks for the layout. And I also now know why people are so into the Zippy Coin purse. Because it really fits into a slew of smaller designer bags. :smile::smile::smile:
  7. Congrats! A beautiful new purchase :smile:
  8. Such a lovely piece! Enjoy!
  9. Something special indeed. Beautiful
  10. What a stunning bag. Love it. Enjoy your new bag.
  11. Lovely bag, so cute!
  12. Congrats on this beautiful bag — it is super cute. May I ask what color is your epi ZCP? It is so pretty — I don’t believe I have seen this color in the last couple of years — thanks :smile:
  13. So beautiful!
  14. Thank you :smile:! I have bigger wallets also, but you are right, the Zippy Coin Purse fits in every bag! I don't want to change my wallet every time I change my bag (very often)!
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  15. Many thanks! The color of my Epi Zippy Coin Purse is "Coral" and I got it 2016. They had some candy colors at that time.
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