something small but cute! ideas?

  1. hey,
    i want to treat myself to a little something Chanel. i have a mono LV cles and something chanel like that would be perfect!

    pictures and prices would be appreciated!

  2. I think the camelia card holder would be nice -$240 I think, and they come in beautiful colors, if you do a search on it you can see pics of it
  3. Hi. :smile: Unfortunately, I don't have any pics, but the Reference Library (especially the Accessories section!), should have lots of great ones. :smile: I think a Chanel card holder is a great idea... very functional, but still pretty! :heart: You could look into the Camellia one, which is very pretty but lambskin, and therefore more delicate... there are cute caviar leather card holders as well, which might be aother option if you just kind of throw your stuff in a bag and go. :p Good luck finding a cute accessory... luckily, Chanel makes far too many of them so you won't need much luck! :p
  4. Yes, the credit card holder sounds nice and useful.
    Good luck deciding there are so many wonderful little accessories to pick from.:yes: