Something red?

  1. I want to add some color to my black and white collection... A red flap with the old chain will be ideal but it is only in the dream.... what do you think of this red sombrero? is it a seasonal bag or is it a classic that can last for a long time?

    If not this one, I might get another black bag, lol, someone stops me, please! :noggin:

    I borrowed butterfliie's picture from the reference library:
    Sombrero 1.jpg
  2. I really like a red bag in the winter. I stray from Chanel though and go with my LV red epi speedy.

    This bag is a beauty!

  3. Pretty!
  4. I love that! my NM had one a few days ago. I laso really like the red in the Expandable Ligne, it's a nice real red.
  5. red is so versatile and gorgeous. Definitely go with red instead of black! :tup:
  6. gorgeous love it:love:
  7. Saw this at it! Wish the strap were a tad longer, tho'. Still an amazing color!
  8. I love this! I think it is a beautiful bag!
  9. WOW, is almost looks like it has a BV effect with the weaving.
  10. It's absolutely gorgeous. Definitely take it.
  11. i love that bag and the red expandable ligne tote also
  12. i think thats a beautiful shade of red! is that the sombrero (sp?)?
  13. Yes, it is the sombrero. It is kind of coral red from the picture. Not sure if it is a "true red" red...:smile:
  14. ITA, I am concerned if it is gonna stay on the shoulder since the strap look too short... :p
  15. WOW...Pretty!