Something really .. weird about japanese sellers

  1. Hi ladies,

    I know there are many bags bought from japan.hide ( a quite famous japanese seller in this forum) as i known so far.

    However today i found another seller - mikutohide has exactly the same format , pictures , even mannequin with japan.hide.

    Here is the link of mikutohide :

    Japan.hide :


    Well, their products are difference, price is difference too. But its kinda weird ...

    My biggest question is who is the GOOD guy and BAD guy here ?


    Just sharing some information to anyone who are their customers.
  2. me personally i only buy from us sellers. cannot be bothered with the waiting time to receive the bag or item.

    Thanks for the info
  3. That's strange! To be honest I know they are known to sell authentic items I avoid buying them I don't know why. I'm looking for something at the min that can only be bought pre-loved and I don't know how confident I'd be buying from Japan. JUST MY OPINION
  4. If they r the same seller w different names that kind of sketches me out. When i was looking for a discontinued noe they always had the one i wanted, but i stayed away for some reason. Ended up getting it at a marginally higher price, but felt better abt the transaction overall
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    I always have this bad feeling and I would buy say from the USA if it was something I wanted that bad but with Japan I know lots of people have bought from them but I still can't quite trust them.
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    Why assume one is good and one is bad? This is far from the only seller out there who sells under multiple IDs. This pair uses the same part of the name "hide," and states the same location in Japan. Not working hard to trick anyone, I'd say.

    Those who want to cast aspersions on Japanese resellers as a group should understand that Japan has been the #1 market for LV globally for a long time, and that fashion turns over very quickly there, accounting for the high numbers of LV bags being resold.
  7. I'm not saying they are not to be trusted I just like to if I can buy in the uk and Europe that's my preference it appears others feel the same as me. I understand why you say this and I know lots of people buy from Japan and its authentic.
  8. Actually, any time I've ever received anything from Japan (not even handbags), it's been lightening fast-- as in, 3 days (I'm in Canada). That's faster than anything coming from just 3 provinces over in the same country!

    I'm sure many here will agree about the fast shipping times from Japan.
  9. I always find the pricing to be really great when I find LV items from Japan. I know the turnover rate with bags there is pretty high (huge huge luxury market there) so I don't find it an issue to purchase anything from a Japanese reseller.

    As far as the particular sellers, if you're having any doubts, don't buy from them.
  10. Really may have to check it out.

  11. I've noticed on eBay the Japanese sellers usually have the best prices. However I would probably not buy a bag from there that's more than 5 years old... most of the vintage ones I've come across have bad vachetta &/or sticky pockets. I think the humidity over there is pretty detrimental to the longevity of the bags.
  12. Me too! I prefer to buy from Japan over the U.S. because they have stricter laws and law enforcement over fakes, they ship a thousand times faster than USPS (2 days from Tokyo versus 10-12 days from the U.S.), and the prices are often more reasonable.

    I bought a roses pochette in mint condition for $430 (incl. shipping) from Japan that U.S. sellers routinely sell for $100-300 more, plus often steeper shipping rates. Who wants to pay more money to ship with a crappier delivery service?

    But, hey, if people want to keep picking US dealers over Japanese, that just means more deals for me. :biggrin:
  13. +1 my dear Doc!! I have only experienced great deals, immaculate items, fast (3 days to Australia) free shipping ... you just need to know the right sellers! :graucho:
  14. I had a bag shipped from Japan on Tuesday the 12th and it was in Los Angeles on the 13th! I'm in AZ and expect to have it within the next couple of days. That's faster than when I order from the same coast with ground shipping!
  15. Hehe. I agree.