Something quite funny...

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  1. Hey girls! I've been sorta MIA...I never realized HOW MUCH time a baby needs you (not that i'm complaining, I love her to death and I'm loving every minute of it!!..well, the lack of sleep might be getting to me but oh well.). But I figured out something today that i'm quite glad about. I'm not a big fan of Huggies (I think they gave my daughter a rash plus she leaked in them) so I've used pampers swaddlers (my absolute favorite) that my MIA has purchased for me and since that has run out I'm now using the Kirkland Supreme Diapers from Costco...Then, I realized that it's the same diaper!!! Just a different logo. I new that the Costco brand usually takes name brands and puts Kirkland on it but I had no idea it would have been pampers since they sell huggies! So if you love pampers swaddlers you can get it for a cheaper price at costco :smile:

    FYI, at the store it only costs 29.99 unlike the price on the website (that includes shipping and handling)

    :smile: Hope this is helpful!!
  2. Wow, that is great!! I will have to remember that when my little man gets here!

    Hope you are enjoying your precious baby girl!
  3. Hey thanks for the tip. I plan to use pampers and resuables. There is a costco not far from me :biggrin:
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    I use Costco brand for both babies. They work great and not rashes or issues. Kirkland is a private label brand is usually made by a brand name manufactor. I know this for a fact because I won't say what products but I worked in several industries that contracted to make the Kirkland products. Lets say almost every Kirkland brand is made by brand name manufactor.
  5. Good to know! Thank you!
  6. Oh thanks for the tip!
  7. Thank you ! I have always used pampers but this time I went to buy them at bjs and they were 43 dollars for a box of 150. I bought Luvs for the first time at BJs they were 25 dollars after a 5 dollar coupon for 180 count ! I really love them, my daughter has been having diahareah for the past week (I know TMI) because of a very strong antibiotic she is on for her 3rd ear infection in 2 months and no leaks ! Also they fit her better, no saggy but ! Thanks for the tip, I will see if my friend who has a membership will take me next month to Costco !
  8. Ha!!! And here I was waiting and praying that everytime I go into Costco they would start carrying the Pampers brand! Thanks for the info! Next time I go into Costco I'll be sure to stock up on the Kirkland brand! Who knew??? I thought the same thing you did... since they sell the Huggies they wouldn't sell Pampers. I had no idea that Costco put the Kirkland name on other name brand items though??? Wow... you learn something new everyday!

    p.s. My sister (Schwinn3) was at the CL signing yesterday! She was standing right behind you girls! Haha... I wasn't the sister that went with her though. I had to work. :crybaby: