Something pretty mortifying happened

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  1. So on Friday my bag (lambskin WOC) was stolen at a bar. I returned the next day after checking my bank account and seeing that no charges had been made to my card, hopeful that someone might have turned it in or it was still there somewhere. And shortly thereafter, someone came out of one of the bathroom stalls with my bag in hand.. found it because the toilet wasn't flushing. The person who took it that night grabbed the cash and put it in the toilet tank where it then sat overnight.

    I took it to both Chanel and Leather Spa yesterday and both just kept telling me that they've never seen or heard of something like this before, and that it would need to completely dry out before they do anything. Leather Spa suggested a $200 deep cleaning which includes a steam clean and depositing color back into the bag. Chanel just said they'd send it to their workshop after it completely dries out and I bring it back.

    Anyone have experience with something like this? Any advice?
  2. My WOC yesterday.

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  3. OMGoodness! That's a crazy story, I'm so sorry. . . yuck!
    Keep us updated!
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  4. Thank you. Right now I just have it sitting on some fabric on the floor while it continues to dry and while I debate what to do next. :-s
  5. oh my gosh I'm so sorry to hear this but glad that you found everything, except the cash but hopefully you didn't lose much cash. I's say that letting it air dry is right. Maybe put in sunlight for small increments of time to facilitate the drying process? Hopefully you can get your woc fixed! Good luck!
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  6. I lost 60 and change in cash which is no big deal. I'm more upset about the damage to the purse as it's already warped on the inside and it keeps bleeding color. And that my passport is no longer valid. :sad:
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  7. So sorry to hear about your story! But don’t worry, your lamb woc would recover from the incident. My lamb wallet was once soaking wet because my son’s water bottle spilled inside my backpack...I took the wallet out and let it dry out thoroughly. It was wrinkly at first, but after several uses, the leather is smooth and silky again. Now the wallet is as good as before the water incident:smile: Glad your cards and identities are sound and safe!
  8. This type of thing makes me so angry. Myself and I'm sure many people on this forum are victim of a theft. What a pain to be calling around and cancelling your cards, renewing your passport, etc. Thank goodness you were not hurt. I hope your bag dries out ok and it can be restored to it's former glory!
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  9. I am so sorry this happened to you! I hope Chanel or leather surgeons can help with restoring your WOC.
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  10. I’m so sorry that this happened, I am sure you’re feeling so devastated! Please let it try out completely and then send it to leather surgeons. They will make her good as new! Good luck and sending you hugs❤️
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  11. You are giving me hope right now. :flowers: I am praying that is my luck. I was so upset yesterday when I returned from Chanel and LS I got really ill. And today I just want to cry lol.
  12. This is terrible! Have you put some paper towels on the inside to help dry out the lining? Or seek advice for how to best dry it out?
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  13. So sorry this happen to you, i was feeling bad because an LV wrist loop fell off my LV toiletry bag i put on it in bar, but that was my own dumb fault. Couldn’t they have taken cash and just left the bag hanging from a hook or something??? Things like this make me so angry. Oh, and no sunlight. I remember reading somewhere if leather gets wet keep it away from direct heat(heater vents and blow dryers, they won’t speed up drying and could damage leather) and also direct sunlight or heat lamps. It also said to stuff item (mine was boots) with newspaper, but I wouldn’t do that. I think it looks pretty good in picture and also think it should be fine when dry.
  14. So, the real question is - condition notwithstanding, are you going to be okay using it knowing it was in a public toilet? I’d hate for you to spend money getting it rehabbed if you still won’t use it.
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  15. I’m so sorry that this happened to you 8( I really don’t have any recommendations as to what to do except continue to keep an eye on your bank account to see if any suspicious charges pop up. Looking at the bright side, it seems that your WOC may be saved! I’m so sorry and wish you all the best with your WOC.
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