Something PINK & Fabulous just arrived in NYC!

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  1. These are just in from the boutique. I of course will take pictures when they arrive next TUESDAY!

    Okay, start gushing!

    Hope no one minds the thread. These will be posted in a few more places.

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  2. The pink one's are OMG beautiful!!!!... wow, cant wait for modeling pics..... didnt you just order them a few weeks back>??
  3. They're so gorgeous. That turquoise is TDF. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Ooohhh, so pretty! :tup: The pink ones are extremely stunning! They look much better than on that boot Neimans carried!
  5. I love the Pink pair :heart:
  6. congratulations on your new additions....they are beautiful!
  7. Both so gorgeous!
  8. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see the modeling pics
  9. Wow, the pink one is truly beautiful. Even better than I had imagined! That shade of pink satin + the gold contrast is so glamorous... congrats, sdesaye!
  10. sdesay, i absolutely LOVE the color of both pair. amazing!!! :yahoo:
  11. They are both gorgeous!! LOVE THEM! Can't wait to see modeling pics:nuts:
  12. Change of plans! I'll be getting them tomorrow!
  13. Pretty much. I think they actually took 5-weeks.
  14. omg omg omg!!! congrats on ur new beauties!!! So gorgeous!

    Do you see the giants stack of boxes behind the shoes!?! Specifically behind the turquoise! Its like my fantasy closet!
  15. They are lovely - the turquoise is a beautiful contrast :tup: