Something petrol...

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  1. I have totally fallen for this stunning colour! I just cannot decide which bag I should get, because any decision I make will be a compromise.

    My first choice would be the Bayswater, however, I am afraid the leather will be too delicate for my use. Plus the price tag is also a bit terrifying...

    My second choice is Daria, but I don't think the leather looks as nice. I know the leather is user friendly and fairly care free, but the colour and grain in sheep skin is just something very special. Also the price tag on Daria is more in my league.

    So what to do? Is there any one else having this same dilemma? What about the ladies who have bought a bag in petrol sheep skin? How is the leather holding up? Will it look nice after a couple of years?

    Lots of questions, but I would really appreciate your advice. Have not bought a bag in ages and would love a new one. TIA :flowers:!
  2. Oh I kind of have this dilemma and love the Petrol daria as well but the petrol bays is just fabulous. The price is a sticking point with me though and so I am waiting to see if it will go into the sale at a much better price (hopefully 20-30% off) as due the the number of bags I already own I feel a little guilty of buying a bag with so little change from a £1000!!!
  3. I totally agree with you. The price is so high that the bag would have to be perfect in every way. I would also like to wait for the sale, but I worry it may sell out before this :sad:. I wish someone could tell me more about the leather...
  4. I have loved petrol from the minute that Mulberry first showed it! I'd love to buy something in it but will let the sales make up my mind for me - hoping for a purse or pouch in the sales. Like Linnea said, any information about the leather would be great.

    PS - to Mulberry - please bring the little coin purses back! I'd have paid full price for a petrol coin purse.
  5. I did a reveal of my Petrol Bayswater a few weeks ago. The leather & colour still looking fab & structurally the bays still got its great shape.
    When buying it, the SA did say to me that with it being lambskin, it runs the risk of the leather softening if it got wet. I've sprayed it several times with Collonil & don't take any of my bags out when rain is forecast anyway (whether they could handle it or not) ....that's why I have my patent bags & maggie! :biggrin:
  6. Thank you, mrsb! It was your reveal that finally convinced me that the petrol Bays was the bag that I like the most. The colour will be fab in the summer as well. i don't mind the softening, so it is a huge relief if this is the only thing to worry about. I just love the colour and the grain on you bag, it is simply stunning!
  7. Hi mrsb5810. im choosing between the Mulberry Bayswater Petrol Lambskin or the Petrol Silky Snake print. Any advice?

    I'm worried the Petrol Lambskin color is a little too bright for everyday use. what do you think? :smile::smile::smile:
  8. Hey kdac! Firstly have you seen either bags IRL?
  9. I love Petrol, it's definitely what my collection is missing - a gorgeous blue toned bag!

    I'm waiting till the sales and by that time hopefully I'll have decided between Bays, Bryn or Alexa!
  10. Im loving the alexa too in the ss thinking if i manage to get that then i could sell my ss pebbled beige justify it a bit better instead of having two ss alexa's
  11. Hi mrsb5810. Ive only seen the Petrol silky snake Bayswater. Havent actually seen the Petrol lambskin yet. mIght check it out end of the month when i go back to NY. they dont have mulberry stores here in LA. (bummer). what do u think of the petrol lambskin though? is it as pretty as it looks online?:smile::smile::smile:
  12. Hi kdac, the petrol is even more gorgeous than online. Did you see my thread on here where I did its reveal? I've seen both bags IRL & they're just completely different IMO not only in colour but in feel of course. Personally the postman's lock on the petrol SS bays being that print design makes it a bit too much for me so not to my taste. I've been impressed with the lamb skin & the bag is holding its shape well. My modelling pic on my reveal doesn't have the base shaper in it or the chameleon bag insert which I have ordered from the US & is on its way. Not ordered specifically for the petrol, just to use in all my bays generally so would look even with those. Hope that helps :biggrin:
  13. Kdac here's the link for my petrol bays reveal in case you missed it