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  1. So I bought the lg Peyton Drawstring in black and I love it. So today I'm digging for something in the bottom and I feel a tiny screw under the lining. How weird is that? than I feel a bar about 2 inches in length and less than an inch wide in there as well. Have you ever ran across something really strange and wondered why? I don't think I will take it back but that doesn't really seem very professional. I have been a Coach lover forever but the quality seems to be going down on somethings. I had 2 Ali's (crossbody not Legacy) I had that came with defects. Would you take it back? Has anything like this every happened to you? Even it's not the same how about anything strange? I'm just curious
  2. Was it just loose in between the lining and the outer layer of the purse?

    That is totally weird. I would call the store you got it from and speak to a manager or maybe even contact corporate about it. That's a pretty straightforward quality control issue IMHO.
    I would consider returning it as well. It would bug me non-stop.

    ...ok now I have to go check the interiors of all of my bags!
  3. Yes...that would make me crazy....and being the honest person I am I would feel I would need to disclose that if I ever wanted to sell, so I think I would do an exchange!!
  4. I would take it in or send it back cause I would think over time it would eventually snag or rip the lining, rolling around in there from friction of general use and movement with the bag.
  5. I would return it, for the money it costs there's no reason you should have to just put up with it, and Coach does stand behind their products (thank goodness).
  6. I'm thinking that it might rip the lining and yes it is bugging me. The cool thing about the bag is after you use gets better. It's loose in the lining and I would probably never sell this bag I love drawstrings.

    So you everyone agrees I should take it back
  7. I have had an issue with the glue coming off by the threading on a few things...BRAND new things...from FP store no the quality is a little off...the glue comes off-however~~but SRCEWS? You should ask them about it at least. =)
  8. I just purchased another new bag and there was a magnetic strip in the pocket, it sounds close to the same size. Do you think that is what the bar could be? All my bags have had them.
  9. nope no magnetic strip whatever it is it doesn't bend
  10. I would be worried that the items would have weight on them from my belongings inside the bag and would make marks in the leather or like other poster mentioned maybe rip the lining!!!

    Here's my thing with the quality, if they were cutting costs with QC to pass the savings onto the customers, well I guess that's OK (but just OK.) They AREN'T!!! The line before last that was released, there wasn't a bag I really longed for that retailed for less then $700 bucks!!! Now, I'm all for the bottom dollar, but they may find themselves ahead if they didn't have to do quite so many replacements/merch credits/exchanges and so on and so forth!!!

    They are now making the bags in China, and we all know it's for CHEAP LABOR yet I am not seeing any decline in price, and the quality isn't even what it was when I started buying 3 years ago!!!!

    Hey COACH, what gives?!

    Take it back and get that puppy replaced!!!!!!!!!
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