Something orange just landed on my lap

  1. I should’ve saved.. But I got the itch and just couldn’t help myself... So, here are my latest H beauties from Copenhagen. No striptease, just a naughty paparazzi pic just after the boxes were opened. Can you see the passion :graucho:

    The orange colourway bolduc au carre is perfect. :heart: it. Must get one in green/brown colourway, too ;) Then the red Kelly double tour bracelet. Sorry about the blurry picture. It’s a bit tight fit, but will look gorgeous with my red faced watch.

    BUT it was PITA to get them. This was the first and def last time I will have UPS touch anything coming my way. Long story, but their customer service sucks, big time:cursing:

    But now they're home and I'm so happy :yahoo::wlae::yahoo:
    Orange CDB.jpg Red KDT.jpg
  2. Ooh beauties, both of them!! Congratulations!
  3. yay!!! enjoy:heart:
  4. OOOOOh beautiful new goodies, congratulations !!!!! the bracelet looks gorgeous on you.

    UPS what happened?
  5. COngratulations! These are beauties! Sometimes, you just HAVE TO scratch that itch!
  6. Wonderful Goodies! I love the Kelly Bracelet too!
  7. Nola, laralucine, H&H, AuthLux, Acc*me, thank you!

    Well, I called UPS on Wednesday that the delivery guy has to call me so I can let him in into our building. Customer service said they don't do any calls beforehand, they just wait outside if someone happens to come in or go out. I was like :confused1: what if I'm never there because I have no idea when he'll be coming? She just shrugged her shoulders, I heard it :smile: Well then the shipment was 'Out for delivery' on Thursday morning, just as scheduled. No calls on Thu. This morning I called is everything ok, they said yes of course, but my package was with some non regular guy and he doesn't have my number:confused1: So I went to pick up the gd package myself this evening from UPS. Couldn't wait till Monday:smile:
  8. Gorgeous goodies, congratulations!! Sorry about the trouble with UPS though!
  9. Congrats! Beautiful goodies :nuts:
  10. Congratulations on your goodies!!!
  11. Congrats! Was worth the pain with ups!
  12. Icechick, Christina, all a b, hello; Thank you!
    Yes it was worth the pain, though :smile: Next time has to be smoother or I might hurt some poor delivery guy:nuts:
  13. Well scratched! Woo hoo!
  14. Fantastic and well worth the UPS hassle!!!!! CONGRATS!!!! Somtimes you just gotta scratch that itch......
  15. Yeah for you!! Congrats to something new!!:heart: