Something Old....Something New

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  1. I was bored at work today and looked in the corner of my office and saw this........3 of these bags I have had for a while, 2 are new.

    I love them all!!!

    Just though I'd share.

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  2. Amazing collection!!
  3. Fab bags!
  4. I love your collection, excellent taste!
  5. Old? New?

    All = GORGEOUS !!!!:love:
  6. Gorgeous collection!
  7. its all so dreamy!

    Luke, could you be ever so kind as to model the miroir keepall for me ;)
  8. Old:
    Damier Geant City Bag

    Damier Odessa
    And the mono one ( forgotten the name)
  9. gorgeous!!!
  10. good and nice collection u got there..
  11. Love your collection!!! :heart:
  12. love your taste!
  13. Thanks's some more!

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  14. :love:


  15. Wow, that is VERY NICE :drool:!!! So fun to see how people put their collections together! Thanks for posting!