something of a handbag crisis...

  1. so, i haven't been into designer bags that long. honestly, only for about 6 months or so. i was DYING to have a chelsea hobo in mineral because it was the most beautiful bag i'd ever seen and it was the bag that convinced me to buy a Coach. i ordered one in store to be shipped, but when it arrived, it was the wrong color. they were out at JAX and no store had them in stock either. so i took it to the closest outlet and traded it for something else.

    and i've bought 3 coach bags since then, but it seems like none of them give me the "ohhh, ahhh, this bag is wonderful" feeling that the mineral chelsea would have given me. and now, i'm left wondering a. if i even like Coach bags, b. if a bag could ever make me feel that happy, and c. if i should stop buying them altogether.

    has anyone ever gone through a slump like this? maybe i just need to keep searching for that "perfect bag" and not buy anything until i do. i grew up in the country from a family that was lower-middle class so spending $300-$500 on a bag, i feel, should give me an "ohh, ahh" feeling. can anyone relate? or am i totally crazy?
  2. I totally understand what you're saying. You work hard for your money, so you don't want to just throw it away. I agree, your bag should make you happy everytime you take it out. I get that feeling with my denim patchwork and the matching wristlet :smile:

  3. Wait for the ooh, ahh, it will show up! Trust me :nuts:and many other tpf'rs the search for the perfect bag is an expensive pursuit! I would rather spend time and energy pursuing that Mineral Chelsea, call every store if you have to!
  4. I totally agree that your bag should make you really happy. Don't settle for buying anything else that doesn't make you just say, "I love this!" I feel this way about Coach legacy leather, and once I found what I loved, there was little sense in buying anything else. I hope you find your mineral Chelsea...
  5. ur bag should make u feel amazing considering how much money you spend on shouldn't just settle for anything...btw i think i saw the mineral satchel and hobo at Willobrook Mall in Wayne, NJ today...maybe u should call n see if they'll ship it to u?
  6. I know how you are feeling. Sometimes I can't afford the bag I really want and compensate by going to the outlet and getting a few bags to makeup for it. Then I get that euphoric feeling temporarily by having something new..but then reality sets in again and I realize I still want that "perfect" bag.
    Honestly..I am not to keen on what the Coach collection has out now. I do like some of the peices and some Legacy peices are nice but of course I cannot buy them now. In fact one of my most used bags is one of the most plain Coachs that I have. I think its either a soho or hamptons pocket flap and in brown leather. split zipper design. very basic, my everyday bag, used way more than even my Legacy shoulder and my hobos.