Something Odd About My Vernis Wallet

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  1. Everytime I get a brand new bag or wallet, I always like to look at pictures of them on the LV website or at E-luxury (I don't know why, I just love obsessing silently in front of my computer :P).

    Anyways. I purchased a Pearle Vernis Zippy Wallet just recently and I decided to look it up on

    I noticed that on the picture, the "LV" logos are big (the same size as the logos on any normal Mono bag) and only 3 LV's are at the front of the wallet.

    I took out the one I purchased earlier and the LV logos are small (same size as the Mini Lin) and there are 6 LV's at the front (not 3).

    The one featured on the website is a Zippy Wallet, but the one I bought looks more like Zippy Organizer. I can't find any Vernis Zippy Organizers on the web. I'm worried about authenticity but I bought it from an LV Boutique so I'm kinda confused. :confused1:
  2. can you post pics for us to see?
  3. no worries if you bought it from LV yourself! Elux and LV put up 'proto type' or 'camouflage" pix to avoid pp use it as replica blueprint. :flowers: plz share the model pix, i :heart: perle!
  4. Yeah like Classic Chic said, elux and use prototype pictures so they don't make it easy for the fakers to copy.
    One main example is of the MC Speedy..the white has a red LV in it and as most of us know, there was no red LV on the final product.
    Also, with the Zippy, depending on how the canvas/material is cut, there can either be 3 logos across the middle or more. So no worries if it came from a guaranteed authentic source (LV store or elux). However if you got it from ebay or something and the logos are super tiny then that's not a good sign.
  5. The logos are small but not that small. A bit bigger than the mini lin, but looks similar.
  6. I wouldn't worry about it. The pics on are different than what you receive to fool the counterfeiters. ;)
  7. LOL are u sure? 'Cos the logos are really mini lin size.. Anyways.. Louis Vuitton sure has a lot of tricks up its sleeve to fool counterfeiters.. Like did anyone notice in the Mono Groom line? Depending on the item, sometimes the white stripe comes first before the colored one.. and sometimes the colored on first to confuse the counterfeiters.. Also, the grooms look slightly different with each piece (ie. the facial expressions).. their faces have different colors if u look closely and the white stripes are different too.. The pochette wallet has white stripe, but the one on the compact wallet has a yellowish tint LOL. Anyways... im going out of topic here.. Hehe
  8. Are you sure that it is the Zippy Organizer? I thought that the vernis only had the Zippy? I could be wrong. I have the Pomme Zippy and the measurements are about 7 3/4" x 4". I have 3 LV logos on the front, 3 where the wallet folds, and 3 on the back. They are all big like the regular mono bags (and the pics on eluxury and LV).

    If you bought your wallet at a LV boutique, then you don't have anything to worry about. I understand your worry though.... my husband bought the zippy at a boutique and at first I coudln't find the date code and I was freaking out. The wallet was transferred from the Maui store and I thought that I may have received a fake, but lo and behold... I found the date code.

    Again, if you bought it from a LV boutique or eluxury, then I'm sure that you're fine. :smile:
  9. Yeah I thought Vernis only had Zippy Wallet, but mine really looks like a Zippy Organizer. The logos are slightly bigger than the Mini Lin logos, but smaller than the regular Monogram ones. I called my local boutique and the person on the line said that it depends where the wallet is made/produced. I thought all products had to be the same?? I'm really worried now..

    The date code is located at the inside of the pocket.
  10. Do you have any photos to share for reference?
  11. What are the dimensions of your wallet? The date code was very hard for me to find. I think that the red with the heatstamp just made it hard to locate. I eventually found it (after nearly ripping apart my wallet... lol!)

    Where did you purchase your zippy?