Something new with the Evelyne?

  1. After a few phone calls today and some conversation, I am seeing and hearing about Evelynes that are a canvas and leather combination.

    Have you all seen them? Am I just way out of the loop? (wouldn't surprise me in the least if I am)

    I don't mind this combination and actually think it has a nice look in some colors, BUT it just reminds me of other brands that have gone this route. With other brands over time the prices didn't increase much, but you saw less and less leather on the bags. I am wondering what Hermes is doing on this one...I wonder if it is a sign of anything in the future?
  2. KB: yes like a toile combo? i've seen them a few months back! its lovely! more structured & dressy perhaps
  3. Hmm...I say not toile, but canvas. Well, maybe their canvas is such nice quality it appears like toile. To me, it looked kind of casual in design.
  4. I had a large sent...and sent it back. I just didn't love it.
  5. Golden's Mom...was it really a canvas?
  6. There's a great picture of it in this month's InStyle.
  7. There's one at the Charlotte store right now; the leather was a smooth tan/brown, and it looked like canvas
  8. KB, let me find you a picture. We have several at our H store, and I'd a picture taken where 3 of them showed up.

    Give me a sec.
  9. Here you go, KB >>

    Technical question. Is Toile = Canvas?????

  10. I'm embarrased to ask but what is the difference between Toile and Canvas? Does it wear differently?
  11. Thanks Gazoo. I was going to ask the same.
  12. Toile=linen.
  13. if this meant they were going to stop raising prices, that would be one thing, but they're doing both - trying to pull in extra $ from the top and the bottom.
  14. It's not new...I know one of my stores had one where the leather was olive and the canvas was green..seems to be seasonal...Hermes puts out more "fabric" bags for spring/summer
  15. True.