Something new from DD

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  1. While I was playing around in Honolulu, DD managed to get grandma to take her to Hermes BH on HER little weekend getaway... she presented it to me when I picked her up on the other side of the island today.

    She was actually trying on watches at H, but decided that she wanted to get me a new twilly!!! Because the boxes are so cute and my twilly looks so tired. She got it with her own hard earned money (she really earned it)....!!


    Here is what my DD chose, to go with my rouge h bolide.
    She tied it on for me and took these pictures herself, for the PF!




    I love it, and it goes so perfectly well with my bag, the colors are gorgeous.

    She is a completely orange darling!!!
    I am so proud and happy!!! I feel very fortunate, this is the sweetist gift and I just love my DD and DH!!!!

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  2. How sweet!
  3. dd has superb taste! just like mommy!! and how sweet of her getting the lovely twilly w/ her hard earned money!!!
  4. That's so sweet, she has excellent taste, gorgeous!
  5. CB, all I know is that your in trouble! The scarf is perfect fit for the bag
  6. What a thoughtful person your DD is...and she's got great photo taking skills and an eye for color too!

  7. It's beautiful, CB!:love:
  8. These are the perfect moments! And you will treasure this gift always!!!!!

    Plus, she's got GREAT TASTE!!!!!! Just like her momma!!!
  9. Thank you so much! She was really proud, and spend a fair bit of time looking at the huge watch bible, too.

    She feels quite seasoned now that she has been to BH!!
    And played hostess to PrincessB.

    She is indeed, one of us!!:P
  10. :heart::heart::love:
  11. How sweet!:love:
  12. What a beauty!
  13. Oh, CB, what a wonderful daughter who already shows that she has impeccable taste (no surprise given who her mother is). That twilly is just perfect with your gorgeous Bolide and I love the fact that she took pictures for us here at tPF. This will certainly always be a very special twilly for you.
  14. :yahoo: CB, you trained her well :tup: :yahoo:
  15. Congrats- your daughter has great taste!