Something NEW for my WELL-BEHAVED DBF! ^__^

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  1. I picked them up since the first day they're released but had no time to post them.

    They're for my well-behaved DBF. He deserved to get some new pieces in his collection. :P

    So without further delay.

    Here they are:

  2. I promise I won't drag this for long. So bare with me. :shame:
  3. Can I guess...Graphite??
  4. Here they are:




  5. The Multiple for Bills and Credit Card Wallet and the Inventeur Reversible 35 Belt :

  6. With some hot stamp to make the wallet even special. :rolleyes:

  7. ooohh very nice... i like the initials..
  8. Wow, the graphite is hot hot hot! Love how you had it personalized with the heatstamp too! I really want to get my bf something from this line.
  9. And the reversible belt: :supacool:

    The buckle with Damier Graphite side:


    And the reversible buckle with Taiga leather side:

  10. They're great! He's a lucky guy to have a dgf with such good taste ;)
  11. Hope you guys enjoy them as much as my DBF does.

    Thanks for letting me share. :flowers:
  12. Very nice! Lucky DBF and you're a sweetheart!
  13. You're sweet divingcandie:buttercup:! Those gifts are CLASSY and your DBF is lucky to have you!
  14. Great gifts
  15. WOW!! I love love love that reversible belt!!! Must get for dh! That heatstamp is a very nice touch :tup: