Something new BV - Earrings !

  1. From the Saks sale, why oh why didn't I order the garnet red too?!


  2. very pretty
    wear them well :dothewave:
  3. OMG, they are gorgeous! My birthstone, too!
  4. Beautiful!!!!
  5. those are so pretty!
  6. I've always liked this style from BV. Congratulations!
  7. Congrats! These are so pretty. :smile:
  8. Very pretty! Enjoy wearing them!
  9. Love the color! What are the measurements?
  10. Very pretty! Congrats!
  11. Thanks all - I really like them. I haven't worn them as they're a little glam for my current activities which include laying around, surfing the net, and generally avoiding the hot weather :lol:.
    jburgh, they are about 1/2" across, which makes them a little large and unusual, which I love.
  12. Thanks alisonanna!
  13. Love them so pretty
  14. They are so pretty! I really like the color. I saw a different pair from a few seasons ago (different color stone), and I thought they were stunning. No, yours are really stunning! Enjoy!