Something new, and BLEU!

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  1. :yahoo:Finally got a little something something for myself again. I lvoooooooooooooe this!


  2. wallet!
  3. I posted a thread contemplating which design to get: the sarah or the zippy wallet...[​IMG]
  4. OH a live one!
  5. correct!
  6. Here it is! Decided on the Sarah after seeing both the zippy and sarah side by side IRL. The Sarah just seem like a classic design. My first vernis piece! :P


    Tried to capture the color of the bleu nuit... didn't really work. Beautiful color!

    This is my little LV family (missing my mono canvas wapity): :biggrin: Now I have 2 sarah wallets!

  7. :popcorn:
  8. Congratulations, toca love!:woohoo:
  9. Congrats on the sarah toca love! She's such a dream :tender:
  10. congrats! i love the blue.
  11. Congrats:yahoo:
  12. Congrats! This is such a beautiful color!
  13. hot! congrats!
  14. congrats
  15. beautiful!!! congrats! such a gorgeous wallet :]