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  1. my aunt found this pouch and gave it to me. it was my grandma's, so it's pretty old. does anyone know anything about it (eg. model, authenticity, etc)? what threw me about the pouch is the alignment of the monogram. i'm not good with this, but is that how the vintage/french co. items were/are?
    pouch back-1.JPG pouch inside tag-1.JPG pouch front-1.JPG
  2. Congrats on an antique LV!! I would assume it's authentic or it's impossible for it to last through all the generations, plus i highly doubt there's any fake ones w/the vintage French Co., KWIM?
  3. :yahoo::wlae::party:
    This is the dream of all of LV addicted that becomes true!!!
  4. A real vintage pochette!
  5. Wow!! A vintage pochette!! So lovely~~
  6. Wow :smile: congrats! that is wonderful ^^
  7. Certainly looks real, that tag especially. Congratulations, what a nice surprise!
  8. The tag looks authentic. In any case, it's lovely owning something of grandma's.
  9. looks real to me aswell (on the inside)
    the strange thing is the position of the monogram
  10. that was my concern, also. does anyone know if that's something that was common with vintage LVs?
  11. Congratulations on your new piece though. It's truly a rarity. :heart:
    on a different note:
    If the LV french co stuff were so cluesless about situating the monogram I'm glad they didn't renew the license
  12. that is SO cool!! congrats!!
  13. Please post all authenticity questions and pics/info in the Authenticate This thread in the Shopping section... TIA!
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