Something looks wrong today at H

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  1. The good news is that I got my replacement bag today after 3 weeks waiting. Another good news is that I spotted travel kelly that I wanted on the shelf but then I looked at the price: £6600 and I thought this must have been wrongly priced! What do you think guys and girls?? The travel HAC I saw in December was around £5100, with the price increase it should have been around £5600 by now. But I always thought kelly is less expensive than the Birkin or HAC. So when I saw the kelly price today I thought it was outrageous and perhaps wrong! To cut the story short I didn't get it because: 1. 50 CM is simply too big (I'd rather wait for my 40 Sellier to arrive) 2. Too expensive for what is is. 3. I have my reservations with bags that are on the shelves these days, weird huh? :smile:

    P.S Anyone going to the Sales tomorrow? I am not that keen as I am not into their RTW but I'll stop by anyhow.
  2. I think Kellys are usually priced lower than Birkins...but in your case, I just couldnot figure out why....

    As for the stock on the shelves, bigger bags might not move as fast as popular sizes like 30 and 35. Which means that we might see them on shelves somewhere, but my personal take is that, it usually don't take take long to see them off with new owners.