Something like bebe clothes

Aug 17, 2008
Hello everyone! I was hoping I could pick your brain. I like bebe clothing, I think they can be sexy yet conservative depending, of course, on what you pick from there.
I am going to a Houston Rodeo concert on March 9th to see Chris Stapleton with my husband and his clients in a company suite. I was hoping you could suggest another store/brand that has similar clothing?
I am not looking for a western outfit btw, I live in Texas but I dont own cowboy boots lol. Plus this is kind of a nice event and I want to look the part as wife of the host kwim?
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you soo much!


Aug 7, 2008
Perhaps Express? They have a wide variety of styles, everything from super casual to cocktail or clubbing outfits to office wear. They also run a lot of promotions and coupons.