something I've wanted to tell you all for ages

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  1. Today is my last day at work. I wanted to tell you all that my current job (for the next hour) was working for a handbag company which is how I found the forum. My boss told me to do some research and I came accross the PF and have learned so much. I was never really a bag person as I'm more into shoes.
    Anyway, since being on the forum I have actually recognized some of my customers here... Tanya from Munich and Marlene being the main ones. (both said really good things about Kooba customer service...and that was me!!!!) :biggrin:
    I didn't want to tell anyone my job until now as I was afraid my boss would get angry.
    anyway, of course I will still be an avid PF fan now im not in the business as you've all converted me - I just wanted to come clean as it were. Im now free to share my knowledge with you!!
    sorry for the long post..........
  2. witha title like that I was banking on that you were pregnant lol

    it's not like you were a narc so
  3. ^^^ lol. You had an interesting job! Hope you love your new one.
  4. I know, its not a bad confession.... I have just really restrained myself for months from discussing Kooba bags with you guys or from saying anything when marlene and tanya mentioned how great the service was and it was me!!! It was so im free!!!!!
  5. Ooooh man, getting to surf PF and get paid ? Awesome deal !

    And hey, now you're one of us. ;)
  6. That kind of sounded like a nice assignment--research purse trends on the forum. hmmmm! Well the best in your new ventures and hopefully they see your thread and recognize you as well and get a kick out of this too.
  7. Woah that is a cool job.:flowers:
  8. shoegalalabama- hi there, it's me! Did I speak with you regarding my espresso Kooba? Tell me more...
  9. Hi, I hope you've got another job! Thanks for your restraint - in your shoes (erm), I would have spammed about the company I worked for :biggrin:

    Look forward to hearing from you (if I'm still here :smile:)
  10. LOL hehe
    Researching purses sounds sooo fun :smile: hehe
  11. Hi Marly, yes thats right, I helped pick a one out for you!!
    I had such fun chatting to customers at my job. Although the best was definitely when men phoned up to buy gifts for their wives / girlfs.....they were always saying they couldnt understand why she wanted ANOTHER bag. I started there not knowing too much about bags and now Im an expert, mainly because of the PF.
    My new job has nothing to do with bags or shoes but Im as hooked on the PF as everyone else now so I won't be going anywhere.
  12. Shoegalalabama ~~ Kooba handbags are very pretty. But, what is the story with the Desert color leather? It is so pretty, but it seems like it anything stains it. A friend of mine was in love with the Marcelle in Desert, bought it & then returned it because of this issue. She was afraid that just the oils in her skin were going to stain/darken the leather.
  13. wow, how neat is ur job.... fun in work.. yippeee.. thats what i want.. hehe
  14. Woah! That's an awesome assignment. You know my DH said to me, "you know what would be great for designers? If they had tappers who peruse the site to catch on to what women want in a handbag." At the time I said, "Noway would they have time to do that!"

    How wrong I was!! :biggrin:
  15. What a nice story!:biggrin: Come on to research,stay for the friendship!